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Published: 2021-07-31 19:05:08
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Dear Great Odysseus,I am your son Telemachus. You were off at the Trojan War when I was just a baby. I am writing this letter hoping that you are still alive. Here in Ithaca things are not going good.
Penelope, my lovely mother, has been plagued by the suitors. The suitors have taken over our house. They have stayed here too long and need to leave, but they refuse. Each of them is trying to marry Penelope too. I know hearing this news will make you very angry if you receive this letter. I had heard that there was a chance that you were still alive, so I decided to journey.
Before I left on my journey I had a meeting with the town. In the meeting Antinous and Eurymachus both refused to support my trip to find news of you. Those two are leading the suitors in the plague of our home. I hate them with a passion. When the next day came I rounded my men up and we set sail to King Nestor’s palace without Penelope knowing I had gone.
When I talked with King Nestor of you, he did not know what your fate had been. Next I traveled to King Menelaus’s palace. While there he talked of you fighting in Troy with him for nine years. He also told me something that gave me hope. He said that there is still one alive, held captive, somewhere, off in the endless seas. These words made my heart beat rapidly.
I know we have never seen eye to eye before, but you are Great Odysseus, my father. Penelope and I need you to help us fight of the worthless suitors that storm our home. I pray to the immortal gods that you are still alive. Maybe you will receive this letter, but if not know that I will search for you until I find out the truth of your fate.I pray to find you and I will not quit.Your Loving Son,Telemachus

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