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Published: 2021-07-17 01:55:06
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The Legend Left Eye LeftLisa Left Eye Lopez was killed last Friday morning April 26, 2002 in a tragic car accident that have left the Music Industry and world shocked and bewildered.
he music world have been hit with two vehicle fatalities within one years span. Left eye was in Central America in the country of Honduras. The red Land Rover look as though it had tumbled a number of times before coming to the final resting spot of Ms. Lopez. Lisa Lopez set tremendous marks as one of the first female R&B groups with a splash of Hip-Hop.
Her and TLC stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for years with platinum albums such as Ohh, on the TLC tip, Crazy, Sexy, Cool, and Fan Mail. The young female group was amazing and toping the charts with hits like Creep, Waterfalls, Scrubbs, Unpretty, Baby, Baby, Baby, Aint Too Proud To Beg, and Hat to the Back. Even though the fame was great the group TLC and Ms. Lopez would experience some times that truly tested their faith. At a moment notice the once popular and successful group fell bankrupt.
While the group was going through bankruptcy Left Eye was dealing with a emotional tragedy with her then boyfriend, Andre Rison.Though she is now dearly departed she will live on in the minds and hearts of her fans who love her dearly ! she is believed to have risen to heights above us all and will forever rest in the hands of the lord ! we love u lisa !

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