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Published: 2021-07-14 10:05:05
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The Racist Malcolm was a racist, violent Black Man. He has been an anti-whiteall through his previous life as he had confessed, and has remained the sameeven after his pilgrimage to Mecca. His thoughts and emotions deny the Whiteman, and he still sees them as hypocrites who try to benefit from the Blacks,using Negroes as tools to enrich their lives. The influence he had receivedduring his past years from Elijah Muhammad, and his learning of the history ofthe White man had so much affect on him. Although he had professed to witness tohave understood the real teachings of Islam, his ideas and opinions of theWhites did not change.
His preaching still focused on the Black man’s plight, ashe had done when he served as the Minister of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm says,” I didn’t miss a single opportunity to tell the truth about the crimes,the evils and the indignities that are suffered by the black man in America (pg351). ” He simply generalizes all Whites to be evil and tells how the Whitemen had oppressed them. He doesn’t seem to realize that Whites nowadays aredifferent from who they were before in the past. He was telling the truth, ofthe cruel history of the Whites, but the truth didn’t apply to all Whites as hethought.
If he had witnessed the spirit of true brotherhood during hispilgrimage in Mecca, shouldn’t he be more open-minded, have more sympathy and amagnanimous heart towards the White people? His speeches caused the blacks tohate the Whites and commit violent crimes against them. “New York City’spress was highly upset about a recent killing in Harlem of a White woman, forwhich many were blaming me at least indirectly (pg 365). ” This shows thatMalcolm was a great orator, who could unite the blacks, bur it would have beenbetter off if he had thought more to love one another, to become one asbrothers, as written in the Quran. His ‘Blood Brothers’ only consisted ofNegroes. If we all are, as he says, the descendents of God’s creation, why can’tWhites as well be a part of his ‘Blood Brother’? Malcolm actually says thatthere is only a minority of ‘brotherly” white people. “Yes, I havebeen convinced that some American whites do want to help cure the rampant racismwhich is now the path to destroy this country! (Pg.
365)” He has nosympathy for other Whites than the White Muslims, and doesn’t even try tocompromise with them. As much as he defended the rights of the Blacks, andpreached of the Whites’ historical crimes, he denied the Whites and couldn’t getout of his racial prejudice. How could he actually say that there was only aminority of “brotherly” white people, when he, himself, didn’t evenbother to socialize or integrate with the Whites in America, to get to know eachof them better? Muslims of white complexions were the only people whom Malcolmconsidered as brothers. He did not accept other Whites as his brothers; he wasstill a racist to them.
Malcolm denies the White people, and before acceptingthem as human beings, he first perceives their ‘white’ skin color and starts tohold a racial prejudice against them. He lies the responsibility of the Blackman’s sufferings on the White man unconditionally, that it is their entirefault.

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