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Published: 2021-07-18 02:50:03
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Author: J’nelle Scarbriel, Ralph Plaskett, Danny LevonsAbstract: This experiment is on the growth or retardation of molds or fungus on bread using different fruit juices. The bread with the tomato extracts had considerably more growth than the control. Hypothesis: We believe that adding tomato extract to the bread it will promote growth because of the lower pH. Because the control is less acidic and more basic it doesn’t promote much growth. Procedure/ Materials: The process taken for this experiment involved two plastic (ziplock) bags, one for the control and one for the variable.
In the control bag we put a slice of bread in the bad with a damp cloth. In the bag that contained the variable, we put another piece of bread (the same kind) with a damp cloth, this time adding tomato extract. We then waited for the results. Sources of error: The water was contaminated and had microorganisms living in it. This could help promote growth of fungus or mold. When the blender was washed it might not have been cleaned properly.
We didn’t observe if we touched one piece of bread more than the other. Conclusion: The bread with the tomato extract on it had more growth than the bread with just the damp cloth. Therefore we can conclude that the growth promotion rate is greater on the bread with just the damp cloth than on the bread with the fruit extract. Bibliography:

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