Managerial Business Plan Of Crystal Pierson Essay

Published: 2021-08-02 23:20:08
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Topic Selection for a Managerial Business PlanCrystal PiersonMGT/583. 1Workshop IEric Brown16 February, 2000In an era where everything, including the S&P index revolves around technology, manual or labor intensive operations cannot survive. Technological advancements range from nuclear science/medicine to new ways of preparing food. To see a manual typewriter in an office seems extremely antiquated and laborious.
Technology today compared to a hundred years ago moves at lightening speed, especially the computer industry. With Bill Gates a household name, it seems foolish not to jump on the band wagon and take advantage of this technological craze. Sending faxes from a beach, talking to your Mother two thousand miles away on a telephone not bigger than a business card or when out and about your personal or business telephone forwards to your pager or cell phone, now thats advancement. Just as microwave ovens are items that every home and office must have, so are computers and computer training. With technology moving as swift, one can hardly keep up the latest software version or piece of hardware, for that matter. Training on and access to the software and equipment suddenly created a market.
Companies such as Exec-U-Train offers training on the latest equipment and software available on the market today. They also offer help services via the telephone with technicians available to walk through most types of problems. The problem identified as not having enough companies to sufficiently keep companies and their employees and/or individuals alike up to date on the latest technology in desired areas. The objective shall be to develop a company that offers the opportunity to train on state-of-the-art equipment and/or receive one-on-one instruction if the need arises, at your office, in your home or on site in our office.
The company plans to offer personal and customized plans to fit many budget ranges and within all age ranges Business .

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