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Published: 2021-07-31 15:10:07
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I think that most travelers do not arrive at the United States for several days, but at least for a week and usually, they want to view not only one city but a large piece of this, not the smallest country. My favorite vacation destinations in the USA are New York City, Miami and Las Vegas. Those are the cities I like the most. New York is one of the largest megacities in the world. New York City has everything to offer for everyone’s taste. You can find any entertainment, restaurants of any cuisine, shops of everything that can be sold.
There are streets, where there is a distance of 10 meters between one and the other skyscraper and not a single bush or tree for the whole blocks ahead, there are small and cozy parks, as well as a beautiful Central Park, where you can easily get lost, as in the densest forest. There are quiet residential quarters with doormen at the entrance and equally expensive lofts in old factories.  There are wooden embankments and sandy beaches that are washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are areas where the representatives of any nationality live with all the consequences — specific cuisine, places, entertainments.
It is a great city for your vacation. The places that I adoreIn the New York City, I was very impressed by the 9/11 Memorial. A truly unique memorial was made from the catastrophe and the destroyed buildings, which shows a reverent attitude to the tragedy, honors the memory of the dead and at the same time just a beautiful monument. You can also walk along the Brooklyn Bridge and visit the park, which is located on the waterfront from the direction of Brooklyn. From there, an equally breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline opens up.
In the USA people really like holidays. And the parade is part of the holiday, so parades in the New York are held very often. The most famous is Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November, a parade in honor of the Chinese New Year at the end of January, Easter Day Parade on Easter, Greek Independence Day Parade in March etc. These are always bright and colorful shows. In most cases, the parade route takes place on Fifth Avenue.
For example, the parade on the Thanksgiving day is famous for its main attraction — huge inflatable toys (cartoon characters, fairy tales and TV shows). The parade route is carried from Central Park to the entrance of the department store (opposite to Herald Square). Anyone can watch the parade live — admission is absolutely free, but charitable contributions are welcome. Florida stole my heartAnother interesting state is Florida.
There is good weather all year round, even in January the temperature is around twenty degrees — and therefore there is no bad moment to travel to the “Sunny State”. One of the best choice for your vacation in Destin Florida. It is located on the shores of the Mexican beach with the emerald green water off the coast. Destin and the territories near it have been nicknamed the Emerald Coast. Originally Destin was a small fishing village. Now it is a popular tourist destination in Florida.
There are many comfortable hotels in Destin Florida that are waiting for their tourists. You also won’t be bored in Miami, but if you want to see something unusual, go to the beach of Virginia Key island — a great alternative to Miami Beach. There are no skyscrapers and highways, but there are space, air and history (it was once the only accessible beach for non-white citizens in Miami). When you get your portion of neon lights and noise, get into the car and drive to the Florida Keys archipelago.
Take the exit for Overseas Highway, a scenic182 km long motorway connecting the mainland to Key West Island. There is amazing architecture, due to the fact that when in the rest of the country wooden Victorian buildings were replaced with more modern ones, Key West was too poor to afford such luxury. Therefore, now on the island, and especially in the Old Town, there are many beautiful wooden buildings, some of which were built in 1886. Charming Las VegasIf you miss the warmth and good mood, then you should visit Las Vegas during your vacation. It is a city of excitement and adventure. First of all, to get acquainted with Las Vegas you have to go to its main street — The Vegas Strip.
It is the heart and the main street of the city; its length is approximately 7 kilometers. Here are all the most luxurious hotels and famous casinos. In the Vegas Strip, you can walk along the Eiffel Tower, ride a roller coaster, listen to the singing of Venetian gondoliers and see the volcanic eruption in one day. You can visit the Paris Casino. At the highest point of the 165-meter copy of the Eiffel Tower is a viewing platform, from which you will see the city from a bird’s-eye view and get a general impression of the city and its surroundings. Continue your tour by walking around Place de la Concorde and admire a copy of the Arc de Triomphe.
Lovers of cultural life will enjoy theater performances or performances of Broadway musicals. By the way, Las Vegas offers the lowest prices for concerts of American artists. There are also the beach clubs where you can relax near the swimming pool in your vacation. Besides, Las Vegas has a big Mead Lake.
The beaches in Vegas, like everything else, are man-made but they did not get any worse because of it. Moreover, Las Vegas is located not far from the wonders of the nature of the American continent. You can spend your day of the vacation by visit the Grand Canyon or Death Valley. To conclude, the USA is one of the most interesting countries to explore and to spend your vacation.  There are many breathtaking states, places, spots.
There are a huge diversity of entertainments for any taste. It is definitely worth a country to visit. I like to share my traveling experience. Hope, that my favorite vacation destinations will become yours.

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