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Published: 2021-07-31 13:05:08
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Every person in America has a responsibility to be loyal to the country and respect the law laid down by the government. The term responsibility refers to the state of being in charge, answerable, and accountable for something within your management or control. When it comes to pondering about my responsibility to America, what comes to my mind is being faithful by being informed, voting and paying taxes. In addition, it is my responsibility to acknowledge and honor the individuals who defend the freedom of our country on a daily basis.
Unfortunately, a large percentage claims to take pride in being Americans, but on the contrary, they don’t take responsibility in defending our country’s foundational values and beliefs. They also don’t honor the people who have dedicated their lives in defending our rights and keeping these foundational beliefs.
On top of paying taxes, voting and being informed, it is essential to note that everyone has ethical and moral obligations which we should all fight for continuously. The people in our country refer each other as “Americans”, but the so-called unity is farfetched. My responsibility to this great nation is to observe all my duties and to be responsible for safeguarding its ideals.
Being Informed as an American Citizen
Although it might seem like a necessity, being informed is a fundamental duty every other person in America is accountable for. Each one of us should be informed about all the current happenings taking place in our nation, and act accordingly. Every other citizen should be held accountable for understanding all affairs in our country. Once you are informed, you are in a position to elect officials who are in line with our values and who will uphold American beliefs. It is possible to make a difference once you are informed about the dynamics of our country.
Law Dictated Responsibilities
As required by the law, my responsibility to America is to be accountable for legislative laws and policies. As a citizen of America, there are certain responsibilities that I am required to fulfill including attending school up to a particular level, paying taxes, being a law abiding citizens, etc. fulfilling duties is a responsibility for all citizens in American. In this case, duties may be compared to completing school homework while responsibilities are the house chores. Although it may not be a must for you to do house chores, it is ethical to work on them.
On the contrary, homework is crucial in acquiring decent grades. Failure to take your homework serious will lead to lower grades which will affect your future academic endeavors. Just the same way with chores and homework, once Americans don’t fulfill their duties and responsibilities, there will be some consequences. Both aspects are essential for the general functionality of our country.
Being Proud of My Country
Now that I have grown up, I fully understand at greater depths what being a citizen in America entails. It appears like a foreign perception for individuals not taking pride in their country of origin. I recognize that not everyone who now lives in America was born here, but many have decided to live in this great nation. Thus, everyone who lives here should take pride in that. For sure, not everyone believes in fighting for our country because they believe that believing in it does not solve anything. One thing they don’t understand is the sacrifice some country heroes made for us to enjoy the kind of freedom we are experiencing today.
Undeniably, our country may be having some issues particularly with politicians having different opinions on particular topics but in spite of everything, remember that we enjoy much liberty more than any other country. We have the ability to assist the struggling countries. We are always the first country to offer assistance in the form of finances and moral support once a natural disaster arises. Even though we not in an agreement with all that is happening in this country, at least we need to respect it.
I have come to learn that, fulfilling my responsibility to America is not only what is considered to be an American, but I am also required to take pride in being a part of this nation mainly because of some reasons such as having the rights that many nations don’t have.
We need to honor the heroes who fault tirelessly for the rights of our country since they are the main pillars by which the democracy of America is built on.
Honestly, there are some responsibilities that we don’t enjoy doing, but we are accountable for them regardless such as paying taxes; but once we consider the dire state by which our country could be with no such measures, you are prompted to have a change in your perspective and fulfill these responsibilities.

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