Natalie : What Discourse Community Are You Apart Of? Essay

Published: 2021-07-28 12:25:06
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Natalie: What discourse community are you apart of? Savannah: I am apart of the resident assistant discourse community for Humphreys Hall Natalie: Why did you choose to be an RA? Savannah: For many reasons, but primarily because I really enjoy adjusting people whenever they are going through major changes, and I know that the freshman are obviously, well, freshman year is full of a lot of major changes and it can be very scary, but it is also very exciting so I really wanted to play a part in how people adjust and how people become a part of this university. Natalie: What types of requirements did you have to meet to get this role? Savannah: You have to meet a certain GPA requirement, which is above a 2. 75.
Also, you have to just in general be very involved on campus. In order to lead people and to encourage them to be involved on campus you obviously have to be involved as well and to know how to play a part before you can lead someone else on how to do that. So, just to be very involved and to be very accountable and responsible. You go through a serious of interviews were they just ask you a lot of really hard questions and you have to be able to respond to them in a timely manner.
Natalie: What are the shared goals of an RA? You mentions having to be responsible and having to help people adjust, are there any others? Savannah: All RAs in general, like I said, really just focus on keeping our residents safe and healthy, in all aspects, even academically accountable like…

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