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Published: 2021-08-02 19:40:07
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Needlenutz provides a wide selection of apparel to miscellaneous patterns to choose from. The selection of yarn that my store handles will interest our targeted market from the assortments of color to the weight of the yarn. We also provide different colors and sizes of needles for your project as to even carrying yarn bags to help keep you organized. Needlenutz buys in bulk from our manufacturer to keep shipping costs down. The does offer an choice for our customers depending on the project they are making as they can buy in multiples or a single yarn roll at their convenience.
We have a storage room that keeps all access bulk in. When customers return to the store for more of a certain product, we will have that particular type of product in the back for them if they do not find enough on the shelf. This is convenient for the customer so they can purchase the product(s) at there convenience and helps them budget costs easier. Providing services for our customers is an important need.
We are able to provide high customer service for the consumer. They are able to view and try out the types of yarn, needles and accessories that we carry to make sure they are comfortable with the product they have chosen. Do to the size of our storage; we are also able to offer layaway service for our customers. Needlenutz will be a destination store; we will provide unique types of items from yarn, needles, stitch markers, yarn winders to yarn bags for our targeted market.
My store will be moderate with some sales. We will communicate within the store and catalogs for communicating our products and up coming sales. Our store design will be relaxed, calming atmosphere in a free-form layout. We will provide a sustainable competitive customer servi.
. peace. It keeps the customer in your store longer than quick in and out shopping. Our store plays two types of music throughout the day.
In the morning is generally are 40 year old women who are looking for some shopping that involves quietness from their kids. They come into our store hearing sounds effect nature songs playing in the background. In the mid afternoon as our younger target age range of mid thirties come to shop, who are still on the go, just got out of work and doesn’t need something for them to fully relax too. We play 105. 3 Hot -FM to playing a variety of cd’s like Bon Jovi to Alicia Keys. The scents that our store will be using are plug in fragrances that give off the smell of linens, floral and ocean breeze for the relaxation of summer.
Winter we will be using the smells of sugar cookies, apple pie and maple syrup for the cozy feeling of home.

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