Overly Obsessed Fangirl – Overly Attractive Band Dude Essay

Published: 2021-07-27 20:35:07
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If only fangirling were as simple as marriage, then at least you could pick who you’re letting ruin your life. But, it’s not that easy. One day you’re living a normal, productive life then he shows up rubbing his perfection in your face. Trust me, I’ve been there. I was somewhat normal until Michael Clifford (yes, the babe of a guitarist for 5 Seconds of Summer) came along out of nowhere and stole my heart like the six foot tall, Australian, bandit he is. It all happens so quickly you don’t have time to process what’s going on before he’s taken over your life completely.
As the old saying goes “find something you love and let it kill you”. He isn’t actually going to kill you but he will demolish any chance you have at a real social life. Once your band member of interest is established follow him on Twitter and get his notifications sent to your phone so everytime he tweets, you know about it. Save pictures of him on your phone so you can set them as your background because he’s just so cute. Before you know it, even that won’t be enough. Buy his band’s merch and tickets to their shows.
It’ll all add up to a ridiculous amount of money, but you don’t care. He’s worth it, he makes you happy, he’s your sunshine. Tape posters of him on your bedroom walls and listen to his music non-stop because you can’t get enough of his voice, or how he drums with such passion, or how effortlessly he strums his bass, or in my case, how freaking amazing he is at shredding on his black and white Gibson Les Paul guitar. Set your alarm on your phone to an audio of him yelling your name because that’s the only way you’ll wake up.
Personally, I always look forward to cold weather because the way Michael pulls his sleeves down to cover his hands, resembling little sweater paws. He’s an actual kitten. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fall so hard, you just want to know where he’s hiding your voodoo doll because you can’t control yourself. The opportunity will come to see him; you sit in front of your computer, credit card in hand, Ticketmaster opened, waiting two hours for these tickets to go on sale because you have to go. Arrive to the venue eight hours early because it’s general admission and you want to be close.
He walks out on stage and you swear you see him shining brighter than the flame inside his eyes. He’ll glance at you in the crowd and if you don’t scream so loud it hurts in your head and your heart and your chest and you have trouble catching your breath, then you probably didn’t react accordingly. This feeling you’ve never felt before will wash over you and you will cry. If the girl next to you doesn’t get concerned and ask if you’re okay, you’re not crying hard enough. If you get the chance to meet him, you hold him tight and never want to let him go.
All of the countless hours you’ve spent fangirling over your band babe have lead up to this very moment. I’ve been there, held tight in my sunshine’s arms, wishing for the embrace to last forever. When the night is over, you’ll have such mixed emotions. You don’t know if you’re happy you just had the best time of your life, or sad because it’s officially over. You’ll give every ounce of energy you had singing back to this boy you love, you will begin to feel weak walking out of the venue. But, even though your dizzy head is numb, you swear your heart is never giving up. He’s the reason, the only reason.

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