Painting Styles – Neoclassicism, Impressionism and Abstract Expression Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 23:00:07
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Week S Assignment – Painting Styles Lean Deliberate Art/101 2/2/2014 Lynn Weasel Painting Styles Neoclassicism, Impressionism and Abstract Expression all have their own style, Each is from a different era and reflect on different subjects. Neoclassicism was part of the European art movement during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, The inspiration for this movement comes from thru classical art and culture of ancient Greece or ancient Rome. Neoclassic Artwork is very unemotional.
In this type of artwork, artists or painters used very somber or dull colors. Often artists that painted in the Neoclassical style painted historical figures or people in classic history. Artwork of this style Vass very detailed and defined as well as accurate to the era they were representing. Neoclassical Art is very personal and honorable. All Of this is reflected brilliantly in the piece ‘The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Utilities” by Jacques Louis David.
The attention to detail in this painting really brings it to life and makes those viewing it feel as if they are looking at Napoleon in person. Impressionism Art, unlike Neoclassical Art, is an art movement that reflected on he everyday life of an average person. Outdoor scenes of people doing normal things like shopping or playing in the park or having a picnic or party. For example, the piece of artwork by Pierre August Renoir called ‘The Luncheon of the Boating Part sis painting of just that. People having lunch together and conversing with each other.
Impressionism started in the late sass and early sass’s in Paris. Artists that paint in this particular style tend to use loose rapid brushstrokes, Artists used natural colors to give a feeling of reality and make the minting more lifelike and real. Particularly enjoy pieces done in the Impressionism style because they are warm and delightful to look at. Neoclassical artwork on the other hand is very plain and drab and although the attention to detail make these type of paintings very realistic they don’t give off a warm cozy feeling.
Abstract Expressionism is the most emotional style of the three styles discussed in this summary. Artists like Jackson Pollack who painted in this particular style used color, movement and gesture to reveal their personal feelings about their artwork. This is not the case with both Expressionism and Neoclassicism Art styles. The movement Of Abstract Expressionism was established in America during the sass’s thru 1960. It was an art movement that expressed anarchy and freedom.
Paintings in this style usually had colors that poured or dripped onto canvas to show emotion. Abstract Expressionist artists painted with true emotion and intensity for what they believed in and what they were painting about. This is demonstrated beautifully in Jackson Pollack’s painting Autumn Rhythm. The use of color and tones are perfect for expressing the season of autumn and the way the colors are dripping on the canvas are a perfect example of the style that is represented in Abstract Expressionism.
Each of the three different painting styles have their own unique techniques and they all three have very distinctive characteristics. Each style represents a different era and each style is expressed with expertise by those artists who choose to paint in that particular style. It is interesting to know and see how many different styles of painting there actually are in art and its also very interesting to know that each style represents so many different cultures.

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