Phantom of the Opera Essay

Published: 2021-07-30 16:55:07
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From Phantom of the Opera to Having Our Say, theater is becoming more and more important. It has often been used as a past time and to experience culture but now it has been used to aid in expression and build communication skill. In recent findings Theater Arts programs in schools to some are becoming unimportant and unnecessary. These programs are being debated throughout the United States. Some say that they should be taken out of school while others think they are essential.
This project will explore the controversy about implementing theater arts in schools and its benefits to students. It will also evaluate different theater arts programs and explain which are more productive for students. I hope to determine which program is the most proficient or one of the most proficient and present why. For my methods of research I will use four main sources, print sources, internet sources, case studies, and interviews.
The print sources will include books, educational journals and articles that pertain to controversy. The internet sites will include theater arts program sites as well as educational sites where I will evaluate the programs. The case studies will include how children react to theater arts classes and what skills they acquire during class. And the interview will be conducted with a local theater arts teacher and survey her students. This will allow me to evaluate which program is most effective.

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