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Published: 2021-07-25 06:20:06
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Dolphin: Delphi was Greek god who reveals fate Stages of the moon: stages of their relationship Their daughters are a reflection of themselves Motif roman fever moon Theme jealous sys/holding a grudge A Rose for Emily William Faulkner Holding onto the past is bad because it keeps you from moving on, this is shown by Ms. Emily holding onto her dead husband and therefore never leaving her house. First Person Plural Since we don’t know if she’s mentally stable, makes sure that the opinion isn’t too skewed, although the town skews it a little Characterization
Emily is compared to monument, something old, stuck in time, portrays how she can’t let things go. Plot funeral starts story, begins with death and ends with death. Flashbacks so there is Poetry BY Effeminately Jealousy Point tot View Ms. Slave’s thoughts are call Jealousy clouds judgment reasons Salad does things is reason becomes more of a fat Coliseum: Salad aging war Steps: Show Ms. Ansell going Looking down on Romeos past Roman Fever: Nauseously. The Forum: Their messed up Dolphin: Delphi NAS Greek go’ Stages of the moon: stages of Their daughters are a reflect” aloe sys,’holding o grudge Holding onto the past is bad Ms.
Emily holding onto her De Point of Vie Since we don’t know if she’s art skewed, although the town sky Emily Is compared to annum funeral starts story, begins WI situational irony Setting House is old, like Emily Shutting up of top floor= her mind shutting up/being m Tableau/painting, stuck behind her dad, a. K. A stuck in t Rose, Husband is rose, you want to keep it because it’s Not letting go Incoming Tide Elizabeth Stout The effect of suicide on a family and a person, therefore avoided Point of View Kevin, to show effect from mother.
Switches to girl became effected as a boy by his mom’s suicide. Characterization Kevin is suicidal because his mother committed it. Shows past to show effect, then girl falls to show pipe Tide and waves get bigger/more aggressive along with Symbolism white flowers, his mother showed them to him, moms s girl cutting white flowers almost killed her(both almost mom-?white flowers OMG-?) Motif White Flowers, waves Suicide, depression, bipolar To Autumn Autumn is what it is because of Spring and summer so stages of human life and such, what you are in your “a and summer.
Alliteration 77 Metaphor entire poem is one big metaphor Personification joy singing(in autumn), summer singing, spring running Simile none Symbols golden load, leaves it behind, leaving good memories, Ii nourish others, starts cycle again There is a Garden in her Face Society focuses too much on the outward appearance of women and therefore their love is not true because they don’t see what’s underneath. Alliteration “Lovely Laughter” entire thing is metaphor makes girl seem cold and unapproachable and only a thing to be admired for her beauty. Personification Cherries.

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