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Published: 2021-07-25 23:35:06
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Herself Complication: oil slick Climax: Margarita disappears Falling Action: family loses hope in her, TV reporters believe she’s dead Resolution: margarita wins race Theme: identity, family influence most of play is written in English. Forever, some of the lines are in Spanish, mostly he grandmother. Maybe because she is from an older generation. They are used to being discriminated against and excluded form conversations. The switching of two languages describes her Latino and American identities and their struggle to survive (bilingual dialogue) margarita struggles with her identity in America with her Cuban roots their understanding of the English language shows the exclusion of their race in American culture Simon seems to have adjusted to the American culture, acting more like an American teenager than a Cuban teen. Emily whose hopes and dreams have been undermined by a callous external rod. All the father cares about is winning. Girl: Consists of a single sentence Advice from mother to daughter, to both help and scold her Mother speaks and girl interrupts twice to defend herself and ask a question Story being told by girl, recalling a memory of her mother’s advice to her within the advice, mother tells daughter of how to do chores such as laundry, sewing, cooking, etc. Also teaches her how to catch a fish and make medicine Practical advice such as how to talk and act in front of people.
Protagonist: Girl… Title is Girl not Mother. Also, the girl uses “I” when she talks, wowing us into her thoughts Antagonist: mother, cultural expectations Setting: Rural area (? ) Theme: identity, class (? ) Tone: Mother’s tone is bossy. Girl’s tone seems to be defensive… (? ) *Buena: genre of Antigen music. Calypso like, characterized by scandalous gossip* Antigen folksongs, or Buena, symbolize sexuality, a subject the mother fears her daughter already knows too much about.
Historically, native Antigens sang Buena to secretly spread scandalous rumors and gossip under the uncomprehending British people’s noses. Singing Buena in Sunday school, therefore, represents not only subsidence but also sinful, forbidden knowledge that can’t be discussed openly in public, let alone in church Title: not Just about her personal experiences but the universal experience of girlhood and that the girl is the important one. Wants the audience to think about what it probably means to grow up in the culture that mom is implicitly describing Motifs: food… Peppiness comes from domesticity, greatest legacy to be passed on clothing… Believes to reveal character and personality, stresses importance of dress and appearance to save daughter from a life of disrespect and promiscuity lute… Mother repeats herself to warn the daughter on “the slut I know you are so bent on becoming”, warns the daughter on living a promiscuous life Symbols: Buena symbolizes sexuality Food is importance of domesticity Cloth indicates level of respectability Maybe mother gives these lessons because she went through it.
Ex: how to make good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child” suggests that she had to have gone through it to know Last couple lines… Girl gets insecure and asks, what if the baker won’t let me feel the bread” squeeze = feel Last line could be interpreted as the mother challenging the girl’s morals. Ironic Mom seems like girl is missing the point. If she takes her advice and uses it, then the baker has to let her squeeze the bread. Teenage Wasteland: Daisy meets with principal that Downy attends.
Downy is disruptive and not responsive in class. Principal suggests Daisy supervises Donna’s hew. Grades improve, but now he has behavioral problems. He was skipping class, smoking, and possibly drinking. Psych recommends a tutor, Cal beadle, whom Downy meets with three times a week and grows to like. Cal says Daisy are too controlling. Although Daisy tries to be positive with Downy, his behavior continues to deteriorate and eventually is expelled from school. Cal believes the expulsion is unjust, but Daisy no longer trusts Cal.
She enrolls Downy in a public school and stops tutoring him. One day, he runs away. Told in 3rd person omniscient Downy wants to be trusted and treated like an adult, despite his childish and self- indulgent ways. White and light signify purity during Donna’s youth. Protagonist: Dais Antagonist: her parenting Theme: parenting If the story were told from Donna’s perspective, what details would change? A Good Man is Hard to Find: The grandmother tries to convince her son and his family to go to Tennessee for a vacation instead of Florida.
Foreshadows car accident/death when the grandmother says wears a dress and a hat with flowers so that people will know she is a lady if there is an accident. Fire and Ice: The world’s destruction… Some believed the world end from its fiery core, while others believed an ice age would destroy everything. However, in Robert Frosts’ poem, he isn’t referring to the scientific perspective. He refers to the more emotional side. Passionate desire = FIRE Hatred = ICE Metaphorical view: world can be recognized as a relationship.
Too much fire can quickly consume it while cold indifference and hate can be equally destructive Fire and ice are not mutually exclusive. Desire and hate are human behaviors and emotions. Great in line 8 means powerful Tone: absurd The speaker is cautious and ironic Medusa(guardian or protector’s): Story of Medusa: Medusa was the daughter of Prophecy and Kate, One of the three sisters known as the Gorgons. Medusa was the only mortal. She was originally beautiful and was devoted to a life of celibacy. She forgot her vows and became united with Poseidon.
For this offense, she was punished by the goddess. Each wax. Y lock of hair which had so charmed her husband was changed into a venomous snake. Her eyes became blood-shot, furious orbs, which excited fear and disgust in the mind of the beholder. Her skin became a greenish tinge. Medusa offended Athena by saying she was more beautiful. Athena was outraged and then turned her into a terrible ugly monster, so ugly that anyone who looked at her would turn to stone the poet went to the house of Medusa, but had violated the temple of Minerva, the goddess of intelligence of handicrafts and arts.
Minerva punished her by changing her hair into snakes and made her face so ugly that those who looked at her become stones, even after her death. Tone: serious The poem describes the event of Medusas murder and punishment. It is a recollection of the plight of Medusa. Even after death, Medusa retained the evil power to turn any onlooker to stone. But the poet also tries to give the positive aspect of Medusa. She equally symbolizes the feminine energy to keep a balance in nature, and she is also the source of art and life. For My Daughter: Pervasive anguish and bitterness runs through the poem Speaker: father

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