Pride And Prejudice Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-07-19 13:00:06
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The story begins with the Bennet family in their estate, Longbourn inHertfordshire, a rural district about thirty miles from London. Mrs. Bennettells her husband about Mr.
Bingley who is moving into their neighborhood. She hopes he will end up marrying one of her daughters because her main”goal” in life is to see her daughters married. Mr. Bingley is a rich andhandsome man with little self-esteem.
He also falls in love with Jane, theoldest of the Bennet sisters. Bingley’s friend, Darcy doesn’t like themtogether because he doesn’t think too highly of Jane. Darcy is the main malecharacter in the story. He is also rich and handsome but very cocky. He planswith the Bingley’s sisters to break up Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet.
Meanwhile, Darcy has a “crush” on Jane’s sister Elizabeth. She is the mainfemale character, the second on the Bennet sisters and despises Darcy at first,but later falls for him. Elizabeth doesn’t like Darcy because she hears bad thing about himand how he is rude to everyone. George Wickham told her Darcy cheatedhim out of his inheritance. She believes him because she holds so much hatefor Darcy. Later she learns that George lied to her.
But before she found out,they almost fall in love. Mr. Bennet has no son, so his estate will be given to his closest malerelative. The closest relative is his cousin, Mr. Collins.
He is an arrogantclergyman. He asks Elizabeth to marry him but she refuses. He ends upmarrying Elizabeth’s friend Charlotte Lucas. She married him not for love,but so she will have a safe and secure life.
Elizabeth goes and sees Charlotte at Hunsford and Darcy comes to seehis aunt, who also lives there. His aunt’s name is Lady Catherine de Bourgh. She is a rich, busy noblewoman. Elizabeth and Darcy run into each other. Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry him but she says no because she still doesn’tlike him.
She said she was upset because he messed up Jane and Bingley’slove affair and also cheated Wickham. He admits to messing with Jane andBingley, but tells her that Wickham is a jerk. She ends the conversation by saying that she would not marry him even if he were thelast man on the earth. The next morning he meets Elizabeth when she goesout for a walk and hands her a long letter that answers all her accusations. Elizabeth now believes him, but is still in shock. She then goes on a trip withher aunt and uncle, Mr.
and Mrs. Gardiner. They go to Darcy’s mansion in Derbyshire and she meets his housekeeper, Mrs. Reynolds.
She tells her whata nice guy Darcy truly is. Everyone then finds out the news that Wickham ran away with LydiaBennet, a 16 year old. Elizabeth feels stupid for trusting Wickham instead ofDarcy. Darcy tracked down the couple in London.
He convinces Wickhamto marry Lydia and gives him ten thousand pounds. Elizabeth finds out and isimpressed. Darcy came to visit her and asks to marry her again, but this timeshe accepts. The two couples, Jane and Bingley and Elizabeth and Darcy, aremarried on the same morning. Mrs.
Bennet is happy to see two of herdaughters married and to such wealthy men. When I first started reading this novel, I really didn’t like it, it made nosense to me. It was very confusing to read. But the more I read the more Iliked it. My favorite character was Elizabeth because I was able to relate toher.
I completely understood why she hated Darcy so much at the begininngand how she must have felt like a moron when she found out he wasn’t sobad. This novel was one I really got into reading, I was basically sitting therehoping Elizabeth would stop being so stubborn and just accept his proposal. In conclusion, this book, to me was worth taking the time to read. Even though it was written so long ago, people can still relate.

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