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Published: 2021-07-15 11:00:06
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Introduction to TheologyNovember 5, 2003I have looked back on my first two years of college and my entire high school career and have found that personal property almost always plays a part in popularity. What teenager doesnt want to be one of the cool kids or at least appear as if they belong with that group of kids? Most of my life I had believed that females were more materialistic than males are. This is true almost all goods except one; cars! There have been many instances when I have witnessed kids, along with myself complain to there parents about this.
For arguments sake, rather than discus the moral difference between a Ford Explorer and a Toyota Celica; I will talk about a personal experience of mine, a 2003 Audi and a 1995 Volvo. I vividly remember the argument my best friend (dont worry we have been friends since the second grade so our friendship is not materialistic) and his parents had about what car he would be bought for graduating high school in the top ten percent of our class. I can also recall the way my parents dealt with me. It seems as if both parties; the kids and parents would read and have an understanding the lessons of Centesimus annus and Pope Paul IIs Encyclopedia, they would have found a common ground. And you must remember that this decision isnt one based on sexes; but it is one of moral and religious righteousness.
Even though I never entire sided with my friend, Josh; after read Centesimus annus, I now cannot even stand the thought that he could have been right. It is stated in Centesimus annus how God gave the earth to the whole human race for the substance of all its members, without excluding or favoring others. 1 Josh figured because his family possessed their share of wealth, that he was entitled to receive a luxurious carBMW, Audi or Mercedes. I thought to myself, when buy a teenagers first car, you should think about the cost, the safety of that automobile. It was too obvious that Josh was too infatuated with the appearance of a car and how many girls it could get him, how many heads could he turn as he drove and several other immature feelings. While on the other side of town my parents, who also make an above average income were talking to my uncle about selling me his 1995 Volvo.
In my opinion, they were morally correct. They were following Pope John Paul and the Centesimus and I really could not argue mostly because that if I did, they may not purchase the car. Personal property is something that both these writings feel are appropriate to a certain degree. Neither Pope John Paul II or the Centesimus writing believe that individuals should own extravagant items if they do not contribute to their community.
This country is so materialistic that it seems everyone has lost their sense of God and tries to surpass their limitations of personal property. I feel that is one thing for a snobbish person to own a luxurious car but it is another thing if someone has purchased a good/resource in order to be considered in a higher social class according to others. It simply isnt appropriate for a member of the lower economic class to sport around in a brand new BMW. Furthermore, that in know way makes it morally correct for a 20 year old to possess a brand new 2003 Audi. This is precisely what Dr. Matthews Mcginnis meant when she said there is a problem if all twenty percent of the population possesses eighty percent of the worlds resources.
After our creation, God gave us the right for all his creating to uses the worlds materialsThe purchasing of an automobile should be one that should be based on need rather social appearance. Another fact is if an expensive, luxirious car, such as an Audi or and Ford Explorer is bought for someone who hasnt solely earned it, that creates two major issues. First, that person will not have learned what it means to be independent and will therefore always in some way rely

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