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Published: 2021-07-28 17:20:06
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Rahsaan DeLain Senior PaperThe issue of Racial Profiling Essay in America is one of greatimportance to the future of American society. This issue fairly new,in terms of being recognized is old in its ways. Racism andstereotyping are issues that date back to many years ago.
Racialprofiling in America is on that needs to be addressed by thegovernment and society if we ever want America to truly be, TheOne of the main examples of racial profiling is called DWB(Driving While Black). This is a term starting to show itself a lotin cases of racial profiling. This name is meant to be a shot at healready known DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). In todayssociety the perception is that most drug traffickers are minorities. This is very untrue. Racial profiling is based on the premise thatmost drug offenses are committed by minorities.
Because policelook for drugs primarily among African Americans and Latinos,they find a uneven number of them actually in possession ofcontraband. Therefore these people are arrested, reinforcing theidea that drug trafficking is primarily an Latino or AfricanAmerican thing. At the same time white drivers receive far lesspolice attention, many of the drug dealers and users among themget away. This just feeds to the perception that whites commitfewer drug offenses than minorities.
This often results in thepersecution of innocent people based on skin color. This alsocauses a huge distrust and minorities are less willing toDriving While Black is not an issue that just arose its just nowgaining a name. The practice of racial profiling by our nationspolice is the consequence of the rising concern about the war ondrugs. Drug use and drug selling are not limited to minorities inthe US , in fact five times as many whites use drugs.
This war ondrugs since it began targeted minorities. According to thegovernments own reports 80 percent of the countrys cocaineusers are white and the typical cocaine user is a white middleclass suburbanite. (Harris 7) But law enforcement tactics areconcentrated in the inner city. This continues to feed theperception that most drug dealers and users are black.
Thisprompted the drug courier profile,(Harris 7) with racialMedia coverage of this issue has begun to increase in the lastcouple of years or so. In the past year , front page stories andeditorials have appeared in every major national newspaper andmany local papers. Even though media fascination with aproblem doesnt make it real or lack of media coverage doesntmake a problem nonexistent. But because of the many storiesand statistical reports, the lawsuits and even recent action by thegovernment, make a good argument that , driving while black,is not just an occasional problem. Some of these stories areabsolutely ridiculous there are so many cases its crazy. Racial profiling believe it or not is a big problem among thenews media itself.
When the media covers a story about drugsthey often show the black drug dealer , abuser , criminal or theundeserving affirmative action recipient. When we look at theways the national media has covered or failed to cover recentstories or studies we get a better understanding of the practice orracial profiling in the media. In a recent poll taken by the childadvocay group Children Now the children included saidthat,the news media tends to portray African American andLatino people more negatively than white and Asian people. Most of the major news media did not cover this story and theones that did said, that the children were influenced bytelevision news. (qtd in media blackface 4)On of the major and most well known cases of racial profilingis the case of Amadou Diallo.
Four white officers members ofthe anti street crime unit fired 41 shots at Diallo hitting him 19times. The officers contended that they they fired in self defense. On Feb 4, 199, after Diallo,22, reached for an object they thoughwas a gun while he was standing in the vestibule of hisapartment. The object turned out to be his wallet. All fourofficers were charged with second degree murder as suspendedfrom there jobs.
The officers said that Diallo darted into theentrance of his building and took a combat stance. He pulled outwhat they perceived as a weapon and opened fire on him. Theofficers contended that Diallos death was a tragic case of selfdefense. Charges against them said that they .

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