Remember the Titans Monologue Essay

Published: 2021-07-31 06:25:09
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Coach Boone, the Titans had just won the State Champions, how do you work your way to the top? The Titans, isn’t just a football team. In Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the Gods themselves, the rule the universe with absolute power and that power, is teamwork. I tell you when my team was a mess at football camp, I told them I don’t care if they are white, black, green, blue, yellow or orange they will bunk in the same room, sit on the same bus and eat in the same lunch hall!
Of course things didn’t turn out pretty. So how do you respond to that? In the end, I decided to show the boys the consequences of hatred, how my family is destroyed at the battle of Gettysburg, black against whites, the same fight we are still fighting among ourselves today. I don’t care if they like each other or not but they will respect each other, so does every single one of you, we must take a lesson from the dead or we will be destroyed forever.
What can you say to the people who are against this idea of yours? You can tell them, I don’t care if they throw insults at us or even a brick through my kitchen window, we will not back down. If they do that, tell them to get ready for a gunfight. How do you feel when the Titans are the only team with black coaches? Even though the Titans are the only football team with black players and black coaches, the best player will play, the best strategy will be shared, colour will not matter.
How would you feel if the Titans had lost tonight? To be honest, even if we didn’t win the state championship, we are already winners, because we didn’t kill each other at the start of the season. We take care of each other and respect one another. Do you have any final thoughts? This fight must stop, for the sake of mankind. Trusting the soul of a man rather than the colour of the skin are what the Titans believe, it is why the Titans win.

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