Romantism and Realism in Arts Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 23:10:07
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Three people have been credited with starting the Romantic Era. Some say it started 1798 when Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsmith published the Lyrical Ballads, poems written in the common dialect for commoners. Others credit Jean Jacques Rousseau as the father of the Romantic movement with the publication of Julie or the New Hellish in 1761. Romanticism formed in part as a rowel against the political and societal norms in art and in direct resistance to the Age of Enlightenment.
It was also highly influenced by the wars of the time including the French and Indian War 1756-1763), the American Revolution (1175-1783) and the V-ranch Revolution (1783-1739). These wars caused upheavals in social and political traditions fueling the Romantic The artists during this period strove to prove that art could and should be enjoyed by all, not just the upper-class as in prior eras. The works of art reflect the connection the artist was trying to make with the general population. Although the Romantic Era is hard to define artistically, there are some common characteristics Of the Era’s works Of art.
The general rule was that there are no rules in art. They dealt more with emotions, a love of nature, exotic locations, nationalism and the mysterious. Romantic era literature and paintings told tales of strange creatures, the supernatural, mysterious far-away lands, disastrous weather, human emotion and a love of your country and fellow man. D. Kart stated ” As the Romantics became interested and focused on developing the folklore, culture, language, customs and traditions of their own country, they developed a sense of Nationalism which reflected in their works.
Also, the languages used in Romantic poems were simple which was usually used in everyday life,” Some famous artists from the time included: Ludwig van Beethoven, who was known for being both a Classical and Romantic Era musician, the author Herman Melville who wrote Mob Dick, painter and lithographer Eugene Delicacies and Mary Shelley who wrote the Gothic Romance novel Frankincense. Romanticism is still a very common theme today both artistically and in a literary sense. Novels following the romantic traditions are released regularly. Realism Realism started around the second half Of the nineteenth century.
American Realism was partially spurred by the Civil War and Industrial Revolution. W. D. Howell may have described Realism best when he stated “Realism is nothing more and nothing less than the truthful treatment of material. ” The art looked objectively at life, how it really was instead of painting just a pretty picture, so to speak. Facts were presented honestly, even if unpleasant. Realism came about by foregoing idealization and as S. Bandit stated by using “scientific observation and objective evaluation. The artists did not believe in painting Gods, Goddesses or heroes. The meaning behind realism was to show a subject without any determination of character and it does not idealize people or places. When an artist painted a picture, he did not try to cover any flaws but instead included them in the painting. Realism dealt with racism, poverty, women’s rights, and social plights. In general, it asked the audience to have compassion for the lives of humans and the conditions they lived in In theater, the protagonist would try to get the audience to relate to difficult ethical problems and invoke empathy to help solve social problems.
Photography was a new form of realistic art, it showed life as avgas happening, no touch-ups allowed. Naturalism is an extreme form of Realism. It deals With the more unpleasant aspect Of reality. Writing style for the realism period was unique. It took the plight Of everyday people and put it in writing. There was a great attention to detail and character building. The writings, at times, were also rationalized including local traditions and dialects in the stories. Realism set a new stage for the theater.
Instead of the picture frame stage several more were created including the three sided room, the theater in the round and the flexible theater. Some famous Realism artists were authors Mark Twain who wrote Huckleberry Finn, and Charlotte Bronze who wrote Jane Ere. Famous painters included Jean François Millet who painted The Gleaners and The Strikebreakers by Gustavo Court. A famous playwright from the Realist Era is Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, A type of Realism that we would recognize today are soap operas played daily on television.
Are the two Periods Related or different? During both the Romantic and Realist periods there avgas tremendous growth and sprawl in the United States which led to a sharp increase in both novels and periodicals. Realism emerged in opposition to the drama of Romanticism and the stringent rules of Classical art While Romanticism looked at the world objectively, Realism dealt with it objectively and unembellished. There avgas a drastic change in literature in the Era of Realism. Writings depended more upon its characters than it did the plot.
Realism did not follow the standard novel traditions. The realists believed that a Story did not always need to have a hero, a climax and revolution or dramatic events to keep an audience interested. While Romanticism stated that everyone is inherently good at birth, Realism contradicted this train Of thought and stated that people are neither completely good or completely bad, but instead fall somewhere in the middle. The common thought of naturalism is that a person is not inherently good or evil but instead can become so based on heredity and environment.

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