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Published: 2021-07-29 10:50:07
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Rosa Parks Essay Biography By Shawn Landden & Chris BowenTable of Contentsi. Forward – Sage Waters Speaks ii. Introduction – An introduction to Rosa Parks iii. Timeline – Dates of major events in Rosa Parks Life 1.
Chapter 1: In the Beggining – Before The Boycott 2. Chapter 2: The Boycott Begins – It all Begins 3. Chapter 3: The Aftermath – Whats happened to Parks since iv. Bibliography – Additional Resources Forward Rosa Parks courage to stand up for rights as a citizen of the USA inspires me to this day to stand up for the ideals of freedom & justice for all.
Rosa Parks influenced many northerners & lawmakers to look squarely at the discrimination victimizing Alabamas black people, and work to correct injustice. A vital democracy requires citizen participation! The civil rights movement must continue today as immigrants, especially Arabs and Arab look-alikes are victims of prejudice. Washington Territory and Washington State were too long dominated by the Ku Klux Klan. We need active human rights advocates today to ensure dignity for all people. Shawn Landden & Chris Bowens biography of Rosa Parks is recommended reading for all who aspire to a successful democracy today. – Sage Waters,March, 2002 Back to Top Introduction Many people know Rosa Parks.
She was an important part of the Civil Rights Movement; she was arrested for not giving up her seat on a public bus to a white man when he wanted it. She was sick of being pushed around and shamelessly showed it by demanding respect. After this incident the black community started a major bus boycott. It started as a laughable situation that was expected to stop in a few days but ended as a serious problem for the Montgomery Bus Company.
For over a year, the black community would not ride the buses. This ended when the U. S. Supreme Court declared bus segregation unconstitutional. This victory, without a doubt, made all African Americans confident to continue the Civil Rights Movement. Even before Rosa’s arrest, Montgomery’s black leaders had been discussing a boycott from the buses.
They used her arrest as “a spark to light the fire that is the boycott”. That is why the name Rosa Parks will be remembered for years to come. In this biography you will read about Rosa Parks’ life before the boycott including her childhood, education, jobs, and ambitions. You will also learn about her life during the boycott, which will include her struggle toward her goals, and her life after the boycott, which will include her continuing work for civil rights. I hope you learn many things about Rosa Parks and her life, in this Biography, and I hope you remember the name Rosa Parks for years to come. Back to Top TimelineFebruary 4, 1913Rosa McCauley born in Tuskegee Alabama1918Enters school in Pine Level, Alabama1924Begins attending school in Montgomery1929Leaves school to care for grandmotherDecember 1932Marries Raymond Parks in Pine Level1933Receives high school degreeDecember 1943Becomes secretary of NAACP1943Is denied after trying to register to vote1944Is denied once more trying to register to vote1945Finally receives voting certificate1949Advisor of NAACP Youth CouncilSummer 1955Attends workshop in Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee for the first timeAugust 1955Meets Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr. December 1, 1955Arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man. December 5, 1955Stands Trial; found guilty 1955Attends meeting of ministers who have formed the Montgomery Improvement Association1955Start ofMontgomery, Alabama Bus BoycottJanuary 1956Loses job at Montgomery Fair Department storeFebruary 21 1956Reindicted for boycottingNovember 13 1956Segregation on Montgomery buses declared unconstitutional by United States Supreme CourtDecember 21 1956Boycotters return to buses1957Rosa moves to Detroit1963Attends Civil Rights March on WashingtonMarch 1965Participates in Selma-to-Montgomery march1965Begins working for congressman John Conyers in Detroit1977Raymond Parks Dies1979Leona McCauley (Rosas Mother) dies1987Founds the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-DevelopmentSeptember 1988Retires from working for John Conyers 1989Attends dedication to Civil Right memorial in Montgomery, Alabama February 28 1991Bust of Rosa Parks unveiled at Smithsonian Back to Top Chapter 1: In the Beggining Rosa Louise McCauley was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913. Her parents were Leona Edwards and James McCauley.
Her father was a carpenter. Rosas Mother was a teacher. This meant that Leona could home-school Rosa, which she did until Rosa was eleven. When Rosa was two, .

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