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Published: 2021-07-31 03:05:09
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Word Count: 1182Saving Private Ryan is a fairly new World War 2 movie, which is a blockbuster hit. Its about a private named Ryan who lost three of his brothers in action.
Being the only brother left in the family he gets the ticket home. He was dropped on D-Day in German occupied territorries. Unfortunatly no one knows where he is beacuse of misdrops so a team of eight rangers are sent out o find him. During the mission they go through many hard tasks of war.
They also lose two of their men and at one point the team almost falls apart. It is truly a heart breaking moment. At the end of the movie they finally find Private Ryan. Suprisingly he decided not to leave his post(protect a key bridge) and fight until reinforcment comes.
The captain than decides to stay and help them fight until help comes. They prepare for the German attack and await them. Once the Germans do come, a big battle brakes out and the fight starts. After a feirc fighting only two out of eight rangers and private Ryan survive, the captain dies.
The reinforcments came at the last minute and the bridge was saved, but left Ryan with horrible memories of war. There were many conflicts in the movie and its very hard to find the main one. One of the conflicts could be man vs. himslef (soldiers vs. feelings about the mission).
None of the soldiers saw soldier saw real importance of the mission. It seemed too dangerouse to put eight of their lifes for one of private Ryans. The conflict wasnt reallly resolved because they felt the same way about it until the end. There was also no winner in the conflict or lose. Even the captain showed no inportance in the mission but his loyalty for the assigment was stronger. If I was put in the same spot I would feel exactly the same way.
Even though his mother lost three of her sons already, how would my mother feel if she lost her only son. Once again this movie has a lot of messages for the viewers. The strongest message would probably be how devistating and brutal World War 2 was or any war is. this is a very strong message.
The viewers are shown the extreme of war brutality. There hasnt been a movie like that in a long time. Its description is greatest ever. “thirty five dead, time two wounded” these were casualties for just one mission to take a beach.
This was only for one regiment. It shows how brutal and deadly it was. After seeing that, one should learn that war and violence is totally unnecessary. After all that there was no winner or loser of World War 2, but only the death of young men. Acting in Saving Private Ryan was unbelievable.
The actors such as Tom Hanks and Tom Sizemore gave their best and its probably best ever. The acting made you fel as if you were there. it brought out the emotions out in an ordinary person as myself. even the extras performed an excellent acting that moved the viewers. The actors showed the pain, the anger their emotions as if it was real. Tom Hanks showed pain so real that one could feel it.
Watching them going through the hardships shook a tear out in the most feelingless people. The extras such as setting, customes and make up were also excellent. the whole movie looked like it was filmed during world War 2. The costumes and make up made the movie go to the extreme realism. Every signle stain, burn, hole was there as if it was taken off a soldier. Even the unshaved faces or dirt under the nails was what made this movie great and one ofthe kind.
The time period was during World War 2 and it was filmed during World War 2 or it seemed. The camera movemnet in Ssaving Private Ryan made you feel as if you were a soldier running and fighting in the center of the action. For instence, when the soldiers jumped out of the landing duck so did the camera. The camera jumped in and out of the water as a soldier gasping for air. As the camera moved onto the land out of the water it shook and ran with the rest of the soldiers.
It made you realize how it really was. Angel shots were also excellent. It showed soldiers running and screemiong with fear in their faces and grief after the battle. The lighting wasn;t too colorful for a reason. .
Colorful movies usually represnt an action movie or a love story. Some kind of movie that has little point or just to make money. Saving Private Ryan colors werent as sharp beacuse theres nothing happy about World War 2. This lighting is used the strongest way at the end of the movie. As the camera looks up at the American Flag the colors were light and weak.
The special effects were also great. The explotions and shots were timed perfectly bringng the reality onto the screen. These effects were really good. Right inthe beging as the soldiers landed on the beach and all hell broke lose with the great sounds of war. The ripped bodies flying in the air and peirced with bullets. Armless or legless soldiers crawling around dazed and confused layed and screamed with pain.
It was truly a herrific scene. The sounds effects as everyting else were outstanding and captured thr attention of every viewer. the sounds were perfect. Every sound was extremly realistic. Everything from a gunshot to a rain drop was fit in with persition.
One of the moments was when the Rangers ran into their first fight after D-Day. The camera was looking at leafs and it slowly it started to rain. As the rain started falling faster and faster, shots of machine guns started. The guns mixed right in with the gun fire.
slowly the camera moved to a puddle and slodiers started running through it. All a viewer could see was the feet, but the sound was perfect. The mixture of rain, gun shots and than the footsteps in the puddle was amazing. The whole movie was a flashback. It started with private Ryan walking through the cemetary im Washington D.
C. for World War 2 soldiers. he than collapsed on his knees, the camera closed in on his face and faded out into the Omaha beach 1944(D-day)Saving Private Ryan was directed by the greatest Steven Speilberg. This was one of his greatest movies ever, up wiht Shinlers List.
he seems to feel strong about World War 2. All his war related movies seem to be outstanding, topping others by a handfull. With this movie he wanted to show the viewers how world Was 2 was damaginbg to the whole world. I also think he was tying to show the loyolty and the strong brotherhood between soldiers, no matter the diffrent religion or ethnic background.
i strongly recommend this movie for all. It describes WW2 and the hardships extremly well.

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