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Published: 2021-07-22 02:45:06
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In every difference there is also some sort of similarity.
This is true with anything on earth. This is also obvious in literature. The novel the Scarlet Letter and the short story “The Ministers Black Veil” are very different, but in every way they’re different they can be shown alike also. One example of this is the writing style of the two stories.
They are different. The obvious difference is the Scarlet Letter is a novel but the “Ministers Black Veil” is a short story. The stories take place in two completely different places. Also the people portrayed have different roles in society showing that the writing of both is diverse and yet they are the same. How? that is the question.
Both stories are written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In both of the stories he has a style in which he gives vague descriptions and sets the scene. Then he flows into the story. Also both the stories deal with religion and sin which is from the main character. Also the sin is represented by a piece of cloth and this is very effective and is included in hawthornes writing style. Speaking of Characters that is another difference between the two stories.
The most obvious difference is the sex of the characters. The minister being a guy and Hester a female. Also the nature of the Characters sin is different. Hester being an adulteress and the ministers sin being unknown. Also the item used in representation of their sin is different. Hester had the elaborately stitched and extremely colorful and pretty letter where the minister had a veil a plain black veil.
The profession of each was different hester being a seamstress the minister being well a minister. And hester came out of this whole thing with a kid the minister didn’t. In every difference you find a likeness as seen in the characters of the stories. Obviously both have sinned and both cover this sin up with cloth. They both sorta frightening the rest of the town which is interesting because only one becomes outkasted.
But both of them lose relationships. Hester loses her husband, the minister loses his fiance. The conclusion is no matter how much difference you see between two things there is also a lot of likeness. Just two aspects the characters and the writing style provide many similarities and many differences.

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