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Published: 2021-08-02 11:30:07
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School Ties Society often judges people on their labels, on their background but not on who they really are. All sorts of people to judge other individuals, such as close friends, teammates and competitors .
In the movie School Ties, the main character David Green suffers because he becomes hated as a result of others prejudice. David Green is a star quarterback for the football team and he leads them to success and the championship. David gains everyone’s respect because they realize what an outstanding performer he is. However, when people find out David is Jewish then he starts suffering. David has a girlfriend named Sally and she does not know at first he was Jewish.
When David is revealed to be Jewish then the respect people are giving him goes down. He suffers for this. Sally hears this news about him being a Jew and she does not even bother talking to him. David goes to confront her.
David is talking to her and he finds out that she does not want to talk to him because he is Jewish and she is embarrassed to talk to him. The result of the talk that David has with Sally results in emotional pain for David. David does not suffer emotionally just because of Sally; his teammates make him suffer also. David has a tough time after his teammates know his religion. One minute they are saying he is the best and the next minute they have their backs turned on him.
David is going through a lot. He had not known that his friends would do this to him. He had thought that they would not care if they found out that he was Jewish. When they know about David, they start to ignore him and give him looks. The thing that get David really mad is when David goes into his room and he sees a nazi symbol above his bed. This gets him mad but mostly he is hurt.
He had not thought his teammates would stoop this low. Of all his teammates, there is one who goes the distance and this individual is Davids biggest enemy. David would have no problem with anything if Dillion had did not told anyone about David being Jewish. Dillion was the quarterback of the schools football team until David came to the school. Dillion was very jealous. David also took Dillions girl.
However what made Dillion mad was that David scored the winning touchdown of the football game by using Dillion as a block. Dillion was jealous because everyone saw David as the hero. Dillion was very mad until he found out that David was Jewish and he became happy because now he could tell everyone and give David a bad image. After Dillion told everyone, Dillion and David were the worst enemies. They had been good friends; now they were enemies.
Dillion was cheating on a test and the teacher had found out that someone was cheating. Since Dillion hated David very much, Dillion decided to blame it on David. Dillion crossed the line and David lost all respect for him. David suffered a lot because of what Dillion did. David thought that everything would go smooth, but it did not. People now found out he was Jewish and they totally lost respect for him.
Society is not perfect. There are a lot of people who like to judge you on your background and not the actual person you are.

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