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Published: 2021-07-19 03:25:06
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There were many rights given to the people in the constitution plus there were high hopes for this new government. The founding fathers mad a preamble in which, there were six goals made to make America a more perfect union. We had three branches of government. Legislative branch witch had the power to make laws, the Executive branch enforced the laws, and the Judicial branch has the power to interpret laws. The federal government works to meet the goals of the preamble by providing for common defense and establishing justice.
The federal government provides for the common defense by making sure Americans are safe. The hunt for Binladen. The U. S.
military is searching for Binladen to make sure that there are no more terror attacks. When Americans find Binladen they will put him away for life, this way he cant influence any more people. U. S. Jets blast the Taliban along the front line. The U.
S. is attacking back at them so we can try and get them to give Binladen up. So we don’t have to waste anytime. The Federal government put up money for who ever gives America Binladen. All over the U. S.
security in airports have gone up. So now no one can get on a plane with weapons. They put security personnel to be trained by the federal government. Since September 11th, security every where has been tighter. The federal government establishes justice through the supreme court interpreting laws.
In the case of T. L. O. vs. New Jersey the Supreme court had decided that T.
L. O. 4th amendment rights were not violated. She was harming the other students lives and making school an unsafe environment. The court gave her a year of probation so she could talk to some one about her problems.
The case of Tinker vs. Des Moines, the school decided that the other students got distracted by the black arm bands. The principle was scared that the other students might fight with the “different” students. The Tinkers got suspended right away, they had the chance to come back to school. All they had to do was take off the bands.
The case of Brown vs. The Board of Education was very interesting. The supreme court decided that different learning facilities are un equal.The federal government has penalized all wrong doers and has tried as hard as they can to keep all Americans safe in the United States.Words/ Pages : 400 / 24

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