Sex Trafficking : A Serious Crime And A Grave Violation Of Human Rights Essay

Published: 2021-07-28 14:00:07
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Human trafficking is “a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights” according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (What is Human Trafficking – UNODC). Sex trafficking is the sexual exploitation of human rights, especially those of women and children (UNODC). Sex trafficking is a major issue within feminist debates with differing opinions. This paper analyzes the different factors responsible for sex trafficking that arise from an interaction between Nigeria and the global community. Also, it would review the victim narrative that stem from these debates on sex trafficking and sex work.
From the analysis below, the victim narrative is not beneficial to trafficked sex workers. It strips trafficked women of their agency and denies them responsibility for their actions. By including trafficked women from third world countries in this feminist debate, different solutions can be formed that satisfy these women’s needs. Growing up in Nigeria, I was not exposed to certain issues, especially not prostitution. To a large extent, Nigerian television shows educated me on prostitution. However, it was clear that prostitution was not a job of prestige, neither was it a low-class job, rather, it was not (and is still not) considered a job in Nigeria.
There are strong (negative) sentiments around women who engage in sexual activities with men (or women) who are not their husbands. It is considered a ‘menace’ in the society that should be eradicated (Aborisade and Aderinto 297). Sex trafficking, on the other hand, elicits a slightly different response from the society. The stigma that surrounds prostitution also exists with sex trafficking, the only difference is the women involved are treated as victims. They did not ventur. .
capable of making decisions as victims, take the following Nigerian women for instance. One says, ‘there wasn’t any work and I wanted to be independent. I have a big family, but I didn’t get along with them. I wanted to be on my own. I saw the neighbors who are doing okay, who have money because there’s somebody in Italy. And so you go” (Agustin 100).
While the other said,It makes me laugh when they think I am not an honest woman because I do this job. Of course, as a job it’s ugly, and I don’t understand why in Italy they don’t let us do it in organized places; I don’t know what is bad about selling love for money … With this job I have made it possible for all my brothers to study and I have supported my mother, so I am proud of being a prostitute (Agustin 106).These women hatch calculated measures and decisions to migrate to these foreign countries for work.

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