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Published: 2021-07-21 03:20:09
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turebooks of all time. Since being first published in 1861 ithas amazed and entertained audiences for years. It is abouta simple weaver tossed into situations that he neverimagined or prepared for, this is his story. The story starts out with Silas in the town of LanternYard and quickly moves to the part where he was blamedfor robbing a dead pastors body by his best friend WilliamDane.
William accuses Silas of stealing the money forcinghim to leave. He then travels to the town of Raveloewhere he just starts off weaving and doing a better jobthan the people that have done it in the past. He then goesthrough many toils and trials that you will learn about asyou/I read on. A few of the main characters are Silas Marner,Mrs. Cass, Squire Cass, Godfrey Cass, Dunstan Cass, Mr.
and Mrs. Osgood, Mr. Macey, Justice Malam, and ofcourse Ms. Nancy and Ms.
Gunns. I think that Dunstan Cass was the protaganist in thisbook, at some parts he was a good guy at others he was abad guy. Like when Godfrey owed Silas money and had tosell his horse, Wildfire, Dunstan said he would do it forhim while Godfrey went to a party. But then Dunstan took wildfire for a ride, tried to jump a fence with her but shedidnt quite make.
( she died) So then Godfrey had nothingto sell to pay Silas Marner back. The first main conflict was that Silas Marner was awell respected man in the town of Lantern Yard, until hewas betrayed by his best friend, William Dane. The storyis that the local pastor was very ill, so Silas and Williamtook turns watching him. One night Silas went into one ofhis spasms and when he woke up the pastor was deadwhile his friend should have been there at least two hoursago. He checked on the pastor and he had been dead for awhile because his body was very rigid, his money bag wasalso gone. He went to town the next day and found thatWilliam had told everyone that Silas had stolen the bag ofmoney and asked him to confess his sins.
EventuallySilas gets fed up and leaves while William ends up withthe woman Silas was engaged to. The second main theme starts a little later in the book Anyway Godfrey Casts first wife, whom he has keptsecret from everyone because in those days it was veryhard to get a divorse and the church decided if thereshould be one, comes back to find the husband of herchild from the neighboring town. He married her because he got drunk, met her in a bar,and decided to get married. So she brings her child tomeet her father the night of the party, but is drunk so shefalls offthe road and dies.
Her daughter is found by noneother than Silas Marner. He adopts her, names her Eppie,the name of his mother, and provides a shelter for her inhis home. Only Silas, Godfrey, and Ms. Nancy( whoGodfrey ends up marrying) know about this. I think George Elliot has a very unique style and haswritten many more wonderful books. I also think this is avery good book and would reccommend it to anyone thatlikes reading the older Literature.
A Literary Review of Silas MarnerBy: Larry BaileyFreshman Honors English Mrs. Weber

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