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Published: 2021-07-13 07:50:06
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#2The ancient grudge between the two families affects the whole city becausethey have to live in this atmosphere created by the two families fighting. In the movie, this effect was seen to full because it showed the twohouse’s servants starting a fight and then everyone else moving to theside, running into their houses, and closing their shutters, as if theyknew what would happen next.
That is what the two families fighting causethe city. Fear. Fear that the city has against what the two families coulddo to each other could cause a civil war between the city, the Montague’s,and the Capulets. #5The two men are different because Paris is more intent and lean towardsgetting married while Romeo is interested in the IDEA of love, romance,marrage, and seem to love the idea of doing dirty bad things with Julietand paste them off by calling them things lovers do. If I were Juliet’sdad, I would personally pick because neither both do not really “Love” mydaughter but I was asked to pick one so Paris would be the suitor.
Pariswould be the suitor I would be most comfortable one with because Paris’sIdeas are just for marriage not for. . . . . .
. . . .
sex. #6Capulet’s stand on marriage the first time is awkward because he does notwant to marry off Juliet to Paris just yet. He was being noble when he saidhe wanted Juliet to enjoy her childhood more. The thing is after Tybaltkills Mercutio (the prince’s cousin) Capulet thinks that the Prince must beangry with him so to try to get him happy (he thinks) he will marry Paris,who is another relative of the Prince, to Paris. Juliet is 13 which a youngage for girl to get married in our standards. #7Capulet does not drive Romeo out of because in his words he did not want toruin the party.
He wanted a chance to get away from all the fighting andall of the constant feuding between the two families and I think Capuletknew that the city was tired of their feuding and in a way I’m sure he knewwhen people came they were afraid that a Capulet and Montague fight wouldoccur. Capulet was happy of the high attendance and knew if he had a brawloccur that people would not come anymore because of the fear that a fightwould occur.#8Juliet was afraid that Romeo was just another player looking for a girl todo his thing with then leave her

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