The Art of the Tattoo Essay

Published: 2021-07-30 03:45:06
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Around the 1990s, a five thousand year old tattooed man, Otzi the Ice Man’, was discovered on a mountain between Austria and Italy bearing 57 tattoos; he is the first person known to have markings on his body which has evolved to be known as tattoos. The art of Tattoo has been around for many thousands of years. The styles and reasons for it have varied from individuals as they have from culture, society, or group. Some tattoos were done for simple adornment, as a symbol of a certain group, or for religious beliefs.
Tattooing has existed in one form or a another across the globe since before recorded history and the popularity of this unique form of expression will most likely continue for centuries to come. Although the basic concept of tattoo has been a constant throughout the history of mankind the styles and reasons for it have evolved along with mans own evolution. Despite the reasoning behind getting a tattoo there are pros and cons to keep in mind. Initially, there are a few pros to getting a tattoo including self expression, advanced technology, and adornment (depending on how people view it).
Most of the times, a tattoo is a representation of one’s belief, culture, or a simple part of oneself. Everyone has their own way of expressing their unique characteristics and tattoos can be one form of that. Tattoos were very common in the ancient Egypt culture; temporary tattoos known as henna, is also very popular amongst the South Asian culture as an expression of beauty and adornment. Also, with today’s advanced technologies and strict regulations, it can be safe to get a tattoo. With newer machines and stricter safety regulations, it is more convenient to get a tattoo now versus getting a tattoo 10 years ago.
Before Sam Reilly invented the tattoo machine, ancient cultures used instruments that were painful and unsanitary. Now with medication and quick machines, anyone can get a tattoo and bear the pain easily. On the other hand, along with the pros, getting a tattoo comes with a price. Unfortunately, most of us are sucked into the corruption of society. We care about what society has to say on clothing, appearance, or form of self-expression. Even in today’s modern time, people judge based on someone carries themselves. The working environment frowns upon people with tattoos.
Whether getting a tattoo is right or wrong, people associate tattoos with negativity. Furthermore, getting a tattoo definitely can be a huge risk on one’s health. Not only is it painful, even with the new technology, it can be risky if the tattoo artists do not follow the procedures carefully. Getting a tattoo can put you at risk for contracting a variety of illnesses from a bacterial infection to HIV. Therefore, it is important to make sure, when getting a tattoo, the tattoo artist has proper legal documents proving his profession. Also, tattoos are permanent and though they can be removed, it can be painful and expensive.
In conclusion, tattoos may be a symbol of religion and culture, but at the end of the day tattoos can be an irresponsible decision made by young adults and risky. It affects one’s possibility to maintain a professional outlook in the workplace and also diminishes one’s reputation, regardless of its symbolic meaning or artistry. Though one should not conform to society, the struggle to get a job can influence one to take such measures. Because we, as humans, change our perspectives as we grow older, tattoos tend to be regretted; tattoos can be painful and expensive to remove.

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