The Differences between the Play and the Movie Macbeth Essay

Published: 2021-07-31 00:15:07
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The Differences between the Play and the Movie Macbeth. The movie Macbeth has many differences from the actual play; here are Just a few of them. First of all it is set in a completely different time period most likely the late 1930’s to the early 1940’s, while the original storyline is during the late 1400’s or during the early 1500’s. Though this change did change the settings, it was a really interesting contrast the two time periods.
The second was that the witches in the play are always somewhere in the forest or an area that is not populated by humans hen they meet Macbeth and when they talk together; but in the movie they are always in Macbeths house and they are nurses, which is what you would call ironic because nurses are always good and kind but they are evil. Third of all is that there is never a scene with Hecate and they never mention her at all, but in the play she does show up and talk to the witches. The fourth is the Apparitions; in the play there is an armed head, a bloody child, and a little boy with a crown on his head holding a tree.
While in the movie they are only bodies of the dead inside bags that speech through the witches, the only apparition that remained the same was the line of kings and Banquo. Lastly was the part where Macduffs family is murdered, in the play Macbeth was never there unlike I the movie and Ross never sees that the family has been murdered he hears about it and the little boy was killed for insulting one of the murders. The movie is good but I prefer the play because by adding and cutting out certain parts it loses something.

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