The setting of a story makes up most of the plot. Essay

Published: 2021-07-17 07:55:06
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The environment influences the characters and how they act. The setting of The Lord of the Flies takes place on an island in the middle of nowhere. This story is about a group of kids that get trapped on an island after a plane crash. There are no adults with them because they all died from the crash. William Golding made this the setting to make the plot of the story more interesting.
A reason that Golding uses an island as the setting because he wants a group of kids all by themselves with no adult supervision. He wanted to show what kids would do without adults around. The lifestyles of the kids will be changed because of the environment that they have to live in. An example of this is when Ralph decided to run around naked. He doesnt want adults controlling their actions because it would ruin the point he is trying to make.
Golding also made the setting on an island because he wants the children to create their own culture and society. It will show their own type of government on the island and will give responsibilities to each of the characters. The type of government will shape their behaviors and the respect from the others. Their rules of civilization change the way people feel about each other. For example, Jack does not like Ralph because Ralph is the leader of the group and makes the decisions, but Jack doesnt like the way Ralph leads them.
Another reason Golding put the setting on an island is that the environment is different from the conditions that theyre used to. The environment and vegetation of the island is a big influence on their daily life. Their life basically revolves around the things that live and grow on the island. They need to be responsible and caring enough not to abuse their resources. They also need to make smart decisions, so that it doesnt get destroyed. For example, the littluns would just use the bathroom anywhere they want and make the island dirty and smelly. Another example is when the characters would just make bon fires wherever they want, without even caring what forest fire they can create. The setting on the island greatly affects the point that Golding is trying to make. It also makes the story more interesting and puts excitement into the plot. The characters way of life is changed because the environment and the absence of adult supervision.

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