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Published: 2021-08-03 00:10:08
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Alexander DumasForgive me, Lady de Wardes, he said, for rousing your hatred by my blackguardly conduct. I in return forgive you for murdering Constance Bonacieux and for your savage attacks on me.
I forgive you and pity you. Die in peace. Characters dArtagnan- a young, attractive Gascon of eighteen. dArtagnan is haughty, proud, and extremely intelligent. He is one of the main characters is the book, and we follow him through his many turmoils and triumphs; as he eventually defeats the evil of the real world.
Porthos- a proud, experienced Musketeer. Porthos is a true friend with a quick temper, and a smart mouth. Nonetheless, Porthos is intelligent, cautious, and has a wild passion for everything he does. Aramis- a proper, friendly gentleman of twenty-three.
Aramis is proud, yet demure, with a very clean-cut appearance. Aramis is a man of scripture and deep thought, often the one with the brilliant ideas. Athos- a cool, courageous Musketeer, strikingly handsome, and proud of his status. Athos lets nothing stand in his way, yet is polite and friendly, attracting friends easily. Planchet- dArtagnans servant, a tremendously devoted man, trusted and intelligent.
Monsieur de Treville- a truly good man, captain of the Musketeers, who has a pure heart and a love for his Musketeers. Monsieur Bonacieux- a small wily man, not very gifted in the intelligence department, easily swayed by others personal opinions. dArtagnans landlord. Constance Bonacieux- Monsieur Bonacieuxs wife, a young, beautiful woman, with a good soul. DArtagnans mistress, and maid of the wardrobe of the Queen.
Lady de Winter- an evil spy for the Cardinal, Lady de Winter is an extremely beautiful mastermind with the ability to make anything go her way. Kitty- Lady de Winters innocently pretty maid, who falls hopelessly in love with dArtagnan, and helps him in his exploits against Lady de Winter. Lord de Winter- Lady de Winters charming brother, who helps in the temporary capture of the evil Milady. The Three Musketeers is set in the mid to late 1620s, in Paris, France. Paris in this period is the bustling center of excitement, trials, and betrayal.
The Three Musketeers is about four grand friends and their amazing travels and exciting exploits. Living in glamorous Paris, France, dArtagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis get deeply involved in the political aspects and scams of the day. With enemies wherever he turns, dArtagnan is forced to go into hiding, sending his intelligent servant and his best friends to take care of business. Gradually, the complicated mess of French and English monarchy comes together, revealing a way to overcome the evil of the outstandingly beautiful Lady de Winter, one of the Cardinals best spies. I.
Three GiftsA. dArtagnan arrives in Meung1. The strange, dark man2. Confrontation3. Milady4.
Stolen!B. dArtagnan enters ParisII. Monsieur de Trevilles Ante-roomA. Monsieur de Trevilles house1. The courtyarda. Porthos and Aramis III.
The AudienceA. IntroductionsB. AthosC. Letter to the DirectorD.
The chaseIV. Shoulder, Shoulder-Belt, and HandkerchiefA. The sore shoulder1. ChallengeB. Another Accident1.
The shoulder-belt2. ChallengeC. The Handkerchief1. Accusation2.
ChallengeV. Musketeers and GuardsA. AthosB. The Seconds1. realizationsC.
The Cardinals GuardsD. FightE. FriendsF. PlanchetVI. A Court IntrigueA. FinancesB.
Poor1. Dinner InvitationsC. The Small Man1. Explanations2.
The KidnappingVII. Relaying InformationA. A PlanB. All For One and One For All!VIII. Madame BonacieuxA. Ambush!1.
Monsieur Bonacieuxs arrestB. Cross ExaminationC. Madame BonacieuxD. RescueE. ConstanceF. Another SecretG.
LoveH. EscapeI. Monsieur de LaportIX. The Plot ThickensA.
A Curious Romantic AttachmentB. Aramiss House1. The cloaked womanC. FollowingD.
EscortE. Athoss ArrestF. The Pair at the Lourve1. The Duke of BuckinghamX. The Man of MeungA. Monsieur Bonacieuxs Attendance With the Cardinal1.
A new and Faithful ServantB. The Letter to LondonXI. Soldiers and MagistratesA. Athoss Cross-examinationB.
Athoss Attendance With the CardinalC. Monsieur de Treville, the King, the Cardinal, and Athos1. The Police report and the soldiers honorD. ReleaseE. The Duke of Buckingham is ParisXII. The Keeper of the SealsA.
PlottingB. Twelve Diamond TagsC. The Visitor and the Search of the QueenD. The Planning of the Ball1. The requestXIII.
The Lover and the HusbandE. Letter to BuckinghamF. The Deadly SecretG. A Pledge1.
The Secret Discussion2. The Truth Is Revealed3. An Important DecisionXIV. The JourneyA. Four Friends Get LeaveB. Breakfast in Chantilly1.
Porthoss duelC. Three Against Eight in Beauvais1. The Ambush On The RoadD. Two Friends in Amiens1. Hullabaloo in the stables2.

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