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Published: 2021-07-31 00:30:08
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Kelli Cole, Jennifer Rodriguez, Rebecca Cohn, Delores DavisDecember 7, 2004Drama begins with the characters standing in a horizontal line at about themiddle of the stage, with arm at sides. Each character steps forward whentalking and steps back when finished with their lines. Rebecca: Why are we doing this?Jennifer: Why do I care about other people’s beliefs?Delores: Why am I here?Kelli: What happens when I die?Delores: Why do we all have different religions?Rebecca: What’s the purpose of life?Kelli: What do I believe?Jennifer: Who am I?Delores: Who am I?Kelli: Who am I?Rebecca: Who am I?When Rebecca is finished speaking the cast moves back one step with theexception of Jennifer who performs her monologue first.
Before Jenniferstarts, the other cast members each take a pose that represents theircharacter. These poses are held during all the monologues, unless you arethe character giving your monologue. Jennifer: Yeah real Catholics right!Yeah real saints they wereTo them it’s the right thing to doThey go to church Praise the lord!But then they come back and torture usTo hit their childNo No No No to beat them senseless RosaI know you understand, you’ve been there. I will never think of touching my daughters like what they have done to me.
There is no way to forgive them for thatI had to live in the streets because they have tortured me and scared mefor life. I lost my faith because of thatI do believe there is something good out thereI’m not just ready to accept it right now. They were monsters!and to think that they had love for God but, not for memaybe because I was an orphan. A bastard child!After Jennifer performs her monologue, she steps back into the line withthe cast and takes her pose, Kelli drops her pose and steps forward toperform her monologue. Kelli: I have no church affiliation. I do not believe there is a God.
See,I said I don’t believe in God, I don’t hate God and it isn’t that I don’twant there to be a God, I just don’t believe there is a God. Why you ask?Just look around, look at all the hate, poverty and the violence, What kindof a God would do that to us? I don’t believe anybody could sit above usand watch this world and do nothing, Ijustdon’tbelieveit. Hmmm. .
. . Church and State? I Don’t really know how I feel about that. Iguess it’s good for those who believe it.
For those of us that don’tbelieve and I can only speak for myself, I just don’t say it, don’t talkabout it. And with under God in the pledge, it isn’t mandatory to say thatpart and I just don’t say it. I am not against God and one of my bestfriends is a Christian, I just do not believe it and I never will, but itdoesn’t bother me if you do. After Kelli gives her monologue, the characters all drop their pose andenact a scene from Saved. Scene from Saved: The scene will play in the background with the soundplaying. The cast of the drama will perform the movements of the scene, butnot repeat any of the dialogue.
Dialogue that will be going on from Saved:Hilary Faye: We pray for all the perverts, but especially for Dean. We jointogether and beg you to rid him of his unnatural perversions. May you leadhim out of the darkness Lord and into your divine light. That was good,that felt really nice you guys. Thank you so much. That was good prayer.
. . . Hi Mary. Mary: Hi. Hilary Faye: How are you? It’s good to see you.
We’ve been waiting for you. We were just finishing up, so if you have anything else you want to add,Jesus is still listening. Mary: Jesus isn’t listening Hilary Faye. I did everything I could to saveDean and he still ended up at Mercy House.
Hilary Faye: Okay, lets take a breath,Mary: What can they say and do that I haven’t already done?Hilary Faye: Excuse me, you’re embarrassing me. We have to pray about this. Prayer works, it’s been medically proven. You know that.
Mary: Just lay off me, Hilary. Hilary Faye: Wait a minute, give me that. You could pollute the jewels andeverything we stand for. And I can’t have that. Goodbye. Mary: I hope you know this is all a waste of time.
At the end of the scene Rebecca starts her monologue and all the castmembers retake their poses. Rebecca: Separation of church and state? What are you talking about? Notcompletely right? Our government was founded based on the principles of thechurch. You can’t take away the foundation of our government now when it issuccessful just because a few people think there should be a separation. The separation of church and state was created to keep the state out of thechurch not the church out of the state.
Well yea the church should not beruling the state but that does not mean that our trusty leaders can notfall back on their own religious morals and refer to Christianity. Christianity in the school systems is good because it is instillingmoral fiber in our children. Giving them an opportunity to grow spirituallyand providing them with a moral base. Without religion in school a lot ofchildren will not have an outlet for spirituality. The church is used as anoutlet for good. With religion in the schools we are guiding out societybased on church teachings that are for the best in terms of health, wellbeing and spirituality.
Church based educations provide more of a moralbackground and therefore should be kept in our education system. After Rebecca gives her monologue, she steps back and retakes her pose andDelores steps forward and gives her monologue. Delores: Okay, so I’m Jewish. . . .
who cares? I mean I believe in God, justnot in Jesus. My people believe that he is a prophet. But. . .
I’m not reallysure. I mean I’d have to double check my Torah. Anyhow, what’s this aboutchurch and state? I really don’t care. Like I said I believe in God. .
. . butif it said “In Jesus we Trust” then maybe I’d have a thing or two to sayabout it. Just like in the pledge of allegiance, if it said Jesus I thinkI’d have a problem, because then it would only be subjectiveforChristians. And we Americans have the right to choose.
“God” in Americacan be anything you want it to be, a dog, a cat, whatever. Anyhow, it’s notreally an issue for me, I really don’t care. We all have the right tobelieve in whatever we want. And for those who think that church and stateshould be combined, obviously don’t care about others beliefs. I meanthat’s what Christian and Catholic schools are for, right?! I don’t knowwhat I’m talking about.
I mean until it becomes an issue, I really don’tcare. After Delores gives her monologue, all the characters all drop their poseand move to enact the second scene from Saved. Scene from Saved: A second scene from Saved will be played while again thecast will act out the movement without any dialogue except the sounds fromthe movie. Dialogue that will be going on from Saved:Hilary Faye: Hurry, hurry, get her, get in the van. Hurry Tia.
Now, get herin here, get her in. Mary: Get off me!Hilary Faye: In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you. Leave the body ofthis girl. Mary: You’re performing an exorcism? Get off me!Hilary Faye: Get back here Mary, we’ve got to get rid of the evil in you. Tia: It’s God’s will. Mary: God’s will?!Tia: Christ died for your sins.
Hilary Faye: Okay, wait a second. So are you not going to accept ourintervention here?Mary: You mean your kidnapping? No!Hilary Faye: You are back sliding into the flames of Hell. Veronica: You’ve become a magnet for sin. We’ve all witnessed it.
Mary: Sure Veronica, acting all pure. What about last spring break at thepromise makers rally, huh?Hilary Faye: Oh my God, you are making accusations as we are trying to saveyour soul? Turn away from Satan. Jesus, he loves you. Mary: You don’t know the first thing about love. Hilary Faye: I am filled with Christ’s love.
Mary: Oh God. Hilary Faye: You are just jealous of my success in the Lord. Mary: This is not a weapon, you idiot. After the scene, all characters will go back to their poses and stepforward one at a time as they say their line. The characters will droptheir poses as they move forward.Jennifer: Who am I?Rebecca: Who am I?Kelli? Who am I?Delores: Who am I?ALL: Who are you?

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