Waxing a snowboard Essay

Published: 2021-07-18 10:10:04
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There several ways to go about waxing a snowboard. Firs you have to determine whatconditions you will be riding in. Then you will have to choose a wax. Say you are going to Vail andthe snow condition are. .
. . well lets just say the temp. .
of the snow is about 20*. Well the thing youneed to do is find a low temp. wax. The way you determine a low temp.
wax from a high temp. wax isby the rating. . Low temp. waxes will be in a range from -20* to about 25*. A high temp.
wax will bein a range from about 25* to 40*. There are waxes made for higher conditiond above 45* that areused in conditions that are referred to as, summer conditions. The wax that is used in summerconditions is a harder wax that will protect your board from sand, dust, and ice crystals. If you are riding in low temp.
conditions with a high temp wax your performance will not bethat good. If the conditions are going to go back and forth in temp. you should wax your board witha low temp. wax or you can use a wax that can be used in all temps. 1. Select wax or waxes for correct snow temperature and condition.
2. Use in a well-ventilated area or with a respirator. (Only if you are hot waxing)3. Heat iron below the smoking iron temperature. 4. Melt the smallest end of the wax on the iron and drip all over the snowboard.
6. Let wax completely dry then scrape with a plastic or metal scraper. IF YOU ARE DOING A RUB ON WAS YOU WILL NEED TO FALLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS1. Select wax or waxes for correct snow temperature and condition2. Grasp wax firmly so that it is flat on the base of the board. 3.
Put a thick coat of wax on the board to start with. 4. Scrape wax with a plastic or metal scraper. 5. Then apply a thin coat and buff with a buffing pad.If you you fallow these simple instructions you will have a successful experience waxing your boardBibliography:I wrote it my self

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