Why Corporal Punishment Is No Longer Justifiable i Essay

Published: 2021-07-28 22:35:06
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n Discipling Children In the “Old Days”, corporal punishment was justifiable, because thechildren were expected to act like little grown ups. The children had towalk in straight lines down the halls, use proper table manners, et cetra,in order to avoid being beaten. Grown ups had little respect for thechildren, making them do slave labor at home, and display best behavior inschool. When looking back, I can see why corporal punishment was allowed tobe used.
The year is 1991, the students are all rebels without a cause. . . Ifcorporal punishment was used today, it would fail.
Kids no longer areexpected to act like they are in church for their complete childhood. If achild is caught talking in class, the teacher does not whip or beat themlike years ago, instead: writing the childs name on the board, or givingthem detention does the job. Strange enough, most of the children in Jr. High and High School are larger than the teacher, and one would think thatthe teacher would be injured gravely if the child was threatened withbodily harm. Sure, I would like to see some of the little trouble makersget hit with a stick or whip when they are naughty, but in America today,this will never work! In my short composition, I believe that I have shown some evidencesuggesting that corporal punishment would not work in America during thispoint in time.
Lawsuits, and hospital stays come to mind immediatly. Ithink that the government will agree with me when they vote whether or notto reinstate corporal punishment. .

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