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Published: 2021-07-14 00:05:07
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This week I was scheduled to work with Irene Balli.
She is one of dining services main managers. She mostly oversees all of the banquets that go on here at Marywood. On the 16th of April was the Cor Marie, which is a very large banquet that consists of all major heads of all departments at Marywood. I watched the before, during, and after events of how Irene would go about her schedule for that day. It is a very tight and nerve wrecking schedule consisting of making sure all dishes are clean to if they have all the right liquors. All of the servers had to get a pep talk to make sure they knew what tables they were serving and how they should serve the meal.
I helped out in the before stage by pouring water, Champaign and helping Nello with plating the meal. Bibliography:

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