Without the Arts, We Have No Culture Essay

Published: 2021-07-31 09:35:08
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Through t, we express feelings and ideas, pose questions, articulate meaning. Culture is a set of values, traditions, institutions that are shared by a group of people, it is an expression Of ideas, While history is the explanation Of change over time, and it is an expression of ideas too. Furthermore, identity is a kind of expression of who we are. Thus agree that without arts, we would not have culture, history and identity. Arts are expressions, and culture, history and identity are products expressions.
A constant characteristic of history is that it is told in fact and actuality. However, the re-telling of concrete events must be perfectly crafted to provide meaning and efficiently relay experiences. There are many historical art works exist in this world, and they tell more historical stories and give clues of what had happened during the past period. One example can be the Terracotta Army, a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210?209 BC and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife, and to make sure that he had people to rule over.
If there was any art sense during that period, we would tot be able to know how the armies were last time of China’s first emperor. A picture can speak a thousand words, with such long period of human history; art can always speak more than words. Thus, without arts, we would have no history Every country and religion has its own culture, and will keep passing on its traditions to the next generation. For many countries and religions, the traditions are being showed through some form of arts.
There are many types Of dance forms in India, and many are deeply religious in content, some of dance arms that originated and evolved in India like Fraternity, Kathy, Astrakhan, Occupied, Maniple, Inanimate and Odious are world famous. Nap,pay, India has been successfully spread her culture through dance, a form Of arts Which shows expression. Culture is originate from its home country through any expression of arts, and through arts, the culture can be well-known in this world. Art is a mirror image of identity of individual or society. It reflect who we are, where we from, what we feel, think, believe, practice and behave.
The paintings ND sculptures of Drachma of Romania and David of Israel clearly give indication of the personality of one. Human has expressions, and arts create more expressions for us. Arts give our identity a significance, and present to the society or if not, the whole world. Thus, agree with that, without arts, there will be no identity. Everything in the world has its own special expressions, and arts is the one Which able to mix up all expression. Arts enable our history, culture and identity to be filled and shined. Can you imagine the world without arts?

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