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Published: 2021-07-25 08:55:06
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In 1974, shortly after the publication of his last novel he passed away. I will now explain the two stories in more detail. “Turned” is about a rich, childless family called the Marrroners’. Mr Marroner appears loving and friendly “Mr. Marroner had frankly admired her” but is driven by social pressure and is held to his conservative constraints. When his wife left him without his knowledge ‘he could not bear to ask, “do you know where my wife is? ” ‘ Mrs Marroner, his wife, is intelligent and well educated but not really content living an oppressed lifestyle.
She suffers through social class; the main point in the story is that of Mr Marroner’s emotional progression and the change of her opinions, “ignoring her feelings now as she had before ignored her thoughts. ” The structure of the stories, Turned and The Good Corn is very similar. Both involve what appears to be a happy, strong relationship; Mr Marroner is quoted to send- “long, loving, frequent letters”. Mr Mortimer is supportive of his wife’s mental discrepancies, in conversation to a doctor, he appears caring, stating: “It upsets me to see her break her heart like that” and such.
It becomes apparent that this is not the case. The male impregnates the family servant or labourer and a resolve is met. The most important difference between the two short stories is the resolve. Paragraph Four: “The Good Corn” is set on a farm in rural England. Throughout the story the author utilises the backdrop as a theme, using metaphors about the family farm. The relationship between Mr. Marroner and Elsie and the eventual pregnancy is reflected by imagery of nature. The state of pregnancy is constantly shown through natural images.
The theme of nature is also very important to the story line of the story. Pregnancy is considered the most “natural” event to occur in ones life and for Elsie this is very true. For Mrs Marroner however, getting pregnant is not easy, this is “unnatural” and her psychological state reflects this. “Turned” is set in a rich American household, the opposite to “The Good Corn”, urban people. The story challenges the clichi?? of success and money results in happiness. (more) Both stories are very different structurally.
“The Good Corn” utilises a chronological system whereas “Turned” is portrayed through flashbacks. The themes of the stories have great relevance to the structural devices used. The apparent reason behind the structure of “The Good Corn” is the recurring theme of nature. The rhythm of the piece is natural and thus the simple structure. “Turned” appears to be more emotionally complex and this again is reflected by the structure. (Turned-flashbacks, change, emotions, forgotten past) Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a strong feminist; she believed in emancipation and rights for women.
The characters and resolve used in “Turned” reflect her left-wing conceptions. Mr Marroner is a strong willed and independent women, these traits are both very similar Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s own and are that of a role model, the character also relates to the author’s opinion on women’s relationship in society, she believes they deserve more provenance. (quote). Elsie is vulnerable and naive but needs understanding; this understanding is provided by the strong female figure, Mrs Marroner.
Again, it is a left wing obligation to care for others in spite of their position and their past. Mr Marroner is selfish and arrogant; this is the view of males that Charlotte believes and has chosen to present. The author’s reasons for all of these characters are quite obvious (explain). (Women stay together) H. E Bates however,(research than do) “Turned” ends without a clear resolve, it is left open ended. “The Good Corn” reaches a positive, traditional resolve. (more)
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