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Published: 2021-07-29 01:45:06
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Our FutureChildren today have no one to turn to for guidance. Our countrys children are our future; therefore, we need to protect them. Anyone can turn on their TV and see an act of school violence almost weekly: Arkansas grade school students to Columbine High School. We have a serious problem on our hands and no one seems to know what to do. Our insight that the modern study of childhood has sharpened in great detail concerns that matter in which infant, later growing child, is shaped, molded by those who are in charge of him /her. We now know a good deal about the way in which infancy and early childhood serves as a matrix for everything the particular individual will be and think in later life.
In these early years of life, to put simply, both personality (or identity) and consciousness are formed And that of course is why the institutional setting of this process is of such great importance. (Berger and Berger 149-150). We, as Americans, need to group together to teach our kids the basic thing that separates us from animals: common love and understanding. Children need the time of the people who influence their lives so profoundly — their parents. Americans have created a state of total anomie for our children.
They are not part of our world. They need to become a part. Functionalists would say that it is the schools, the family or the government. It is the goal of this paper to touch on the three things that influence our kids the most: family, schools, and corporations. This paper will clearly point out how each of these three parts is in fact one big whole. If these three things begin to work together then maybe, just maybe there can be hope for our children.
Functionalism will only work if these three things are one. The three must come together if future America is going to survive. The bourgeois family is going to be used as a basis. The home is Americas temple. Since America has been founded, the middle-class family is thought of as the father, the mother and then the children.
Father goes off to work everyday and does his job. The mother stays home all day and takes care of the house making sure the children grow up with good All-American values. She is responsible for keeping in contact with the teachers and expected to know what their kids are doing in school. The father is not supposed to be involved. He is busy trying to keep food on the table.
Mom tells the kids how important the learning process is and keeps them motivated. The children come home everyday, eat their snack and mother makes sure the schoolwork is done. Dad comes home later and they all eat dinner together. Children learn love and responsibility from values in stowed on them by their parents. This is the happy bourgeois family. Unfortunately this is not what is happening anymore.
Anyone that deviates from this outrageous dominant norm carries bad stigma. Hard working Americans are labeled as individuals who cannot succeed and need to be thrown by the wayside. Remember the term dysfunctional family? Psychologists overuse d the term dysfunctional to refer to even the smallest problems in the family unit. As such, the term became relatively meaningless.
(Donatelle and Davis 138). In other words we, as Americans, threw it out because everyone became dysfunctional. The dysfunctional family became our nations norm. Still, the dominant norm of the bourgeois family rang over our head. We labeled ourselves as deviant.
Using Lemerts theory, our American families turned into primary deviation. Then secondary deviation occurred when we began to let our children run our household. As stated in the beginning a growing child, is shaped, molded by those who are in charge of him /her. (Berger and Berger 48).
If the child is in charge who will shape and mold his/her? Let us take a look at the average happy married family of today. Father and mother both work nine to five jobs. Kids come home to an empty house and watch TV. The house is a mess, which stresses Mom out. Dad comes home .

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