Fine Art: Subtle ways original paintings communicate love

Fine art is one of the best ways to tell a person ‘I love you’ or simply just to say you care.

Especially to the type of people who are not comfortable communicating feelings, this post outlines 21 smart ways can communicate love.

‘The Kiss’ Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 1907-1908. Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna,180cm×180cm

Famous painters like Gustav Klimt (above) have expressed love on the canvas for centuries . Artists are known to be comfortable expressing their emotion in original paintings.

One of the most special and long lasting gifts a person can receive is an original painting . Once I gave my friend a piece of artwork for his birthday. Decades later, his father and brother told me how special the fine art was to him and how it touched the entire family.

I have sold my original paintings into many parts of the world.

However, I have also given away many original paintings to people in need, because I truly believe in the power of art to communicate love and care.

Fine art is unique. The right picture can say more than words can express, emitting a quiet sensitivity and gentleness that deeply touches a person’s soul.

Original Art is special.

Sometimes it’s just not socially acceptable to boldly declare to a person face to face “I LOVE YOU!” It might be too overwhelming for them, but the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Here’s 21 ways that I believe my original paintings communicate love:

  1. Art can be gentle.
  2. Art can be sensitive.
  3. Art can give hope to people.
  4. Art can say what words can’t express.
  5. Art can give direction for lost souls.
  6. Art can say “Everything will be alright.”
  7. Art can calmly alleviate a person’s anxiety.
  8. Art can remind and accept people for who they are.
  9. Art can add beauty and colour to people’s lives.
  10. Art can radiate peacefulness to people living in chaos.
  11. Art can represent a source of strength and support to people.
  12. Art can be a physical or conceptual representation of love.
  13. Art can be a positive spiritual experience or presence in a persons life.
  14. Art can be non-judgmental, expressing patience.
  15. Art can provide company for lonely people.
  16. Art can be like a good friend. Who won’t judge, but continually expresses love.
  17. Art can compliment surroundings not being overbearing or too dominating.
  18. Art can conceptually remind you of a loved one when someone is absent.
  19. Art can represent the character and appearance of a loved one.
  20. Art can represent memories of happy celebration together.
  21. Art can express love for a national identity .

What is your experience with original art? How do original paintings express love for you? Please leave a comment in the box below, I would love to hear from you.

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Simon Brushfield is an artist whose work has been described as ‘poetic, enigmatic and dreamlike’ (Michael Berry, "Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia" book). His paintings have been exhibited and sold across Australia and internationally. If you enjoyed this post, sign up to Simons VIP list and have posts sent directly to your inbox.

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