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Simon Brushfield Jan2015

Do I ever stop loving your incredible posts?? Never!!! You inspire me always!! I can’t help myself but to feel joy, love, and warmth when I read your wonderful posts! Simon, once again, thank you so much for sharing your mystical, magical life with us!” – Victoria, USA 2015

“Hello Simon! I’m glad I read your wonderfully inspiring blog post… I got to know a little more about you and the visionary moments you’ve experienced…Thank you.” – Adriana, USA, 2015

“I wanted to fully convey what a help you were in preparing me….I am very grateful to have been welcomed into your community. I find your artistic voice very authentic, humble and serene just like you.” – Susan, 2014

“Simon, your comments are very encouraging. I also really enjoyed your e-book.
What a great idea and beautifully presented.”
– Jacqui, 2014

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1. An ebook containing more than 175,000 happy hours of creative knowledge and experience
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4. Simon’s latest exclusive painting offers, artwork that’s never been seen before outside the studio

“I was intrigued enough to click through to your website, which impressed me enormously.
You have a wonderfully rich blog… I’d have to say that yours is one of the best artist websites
I’ve seen! I congratulate you for that.”
~ Leslie, USA 2013

“My exhibition in Finland has started out well…The local newspaper story is in Finnish…
thank you for your encouragement!”
~ Hela, Finland 2013

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1. Personal Stories including Famous Celebrity Australian Artists
2. How to make work meaningful, and enjoy what you do
3. How to decorate your home or office with Integrity
4. Just for the ladies: Learn how to control your man
5. Why certain people are not my customers and never will be
6. How I got into painting
7. How Hot Chilli brought me true love
8. How I think like a leader and grow happy
9. The shocking truth about friendship …(tips for growing quality friends)
10. How to stand out in a crowd…(a funny story about my first job application)
11. Why giving makes me happy…(The story about the day I gave all my possessions away)
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“Some people I like are: Simon Brushfield – He’s an artist.
He also has a blog. I like his art, although I really follow him for his writing.
He is kind of off the wall and has interesting thoughts.”
~Rebecca, 2013

“Simon does a great job of showing us the hard and dirty work of painting…
pure creativity. There is no “Undo” button in his technique.
We applaud Simon Brushfield.”
~ Courtney, 2013