Creative Risks: The fine art of risk taking

I love risk taking

Well thought out risks

Picasso was a huge risk taker

He constantly challenged society and opened his life to artistic adventure

Enraging critics by his incredibly creative fine art and unique perception on life

This article is for anybody who wants to live a more creative life and develop the fine art of risk taking

People often think my decisions are sometimes crazy, totally unconventional. But here’s the truth of the matter

Point 1. Creativity is about taking risks and being unconventional

Educated risks help our creativity flourish and provide a life of fulfilment

Meaningful risks help us to feel passionate and alive again, as we realize our dreams

At the time he created this painting, Picasso was filled with fury and inspired to produce the political artwork below titled ‘Guernica’, now a world famous anti-war statement. Incredibly unconventional for its time.

Picasso Guernica Creative Risks: The fine art of risk taking

‘Guernica‘ (1937) Pablo Picasso. Oil on canvas Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid 349 cm × 776 cm

Never before had an abstract painting been used to warn the world of the evil dangers of fascism. He took a political risk and confronted evil through original art

Generally speaking, Picasso’s influence upon modern art was profound

Point 2. Much of Picasso’s success comes from being a risk taker

Most parents would prefer their child followed a safe mainstream occupation, with a predictable income and boring daily routine. Rather than becoming a risky unpredictable artist

But the boring life is not for creative people

Boredom is the antidote for creativity and risk taking

When painting, I never really know how an abstract painting will turn out. It could be a disaster, or an astounding success.

But that’s true about life. Isn’t it?

Point 3. Life is a continual risk, just like creativity

The only certainty on earth is change

Most people think there is zero security following an art career

But that’s simply not true

Yes, there would be no security for a dentist to suddenly become an artist. That would be foolish

But the ultimate security in life is only found when people become the person that God designed them to be. This builds confidence .

Point 4. There’s very little risk in being true to ourselves.

But there is great risk in trying to be someone we’re not. In fact, it’s very dangerous to a persons health and well being.

Here’s 5 things that can happen when people are not true to themselves…

1. People risk exhaustion & insomnia
2. People risk personal stress & unhappiness
3. People risk being consumed by unrelenting fear
4. People risk experiencing rejection & low self confidence
5. People risk life becoming a tiresome struggle

But taking the risk and being true to oneself means relaxation. Going with the natural flow of life, which is how I created the painting below. I love the ocean.

Ocean Depth painting by Simon Brushfield 882x1024 Creative Risks: The fine art of risk taking

‘Ocean Depth’ by Simon Brushfield (2010) Acrylic & Oil on paper 80cm x 100cm      (For Sale $2,200)

Here’s the main reason why some people see following their true love as a huge risk….

Point 5. Because, not many people understand who they really are

Unfortunately, most people lack the courage to take a risk and follow their heart, doing what they love for 2 main reasons

1. People don’t know what they’re meant to be doing
2. Fear stops people from doing what they love

Henri Matisse was an artist who epitomised being true to himself and following his heart

He took the risk of being misunderstood by the majority of mainstream people

Despite heavy criticism heaped upon his fine art, Matisse pursued an uncompromising path of beauty that most people of the time, didn’t understand.

Point 6. Matisse’s risk taking led him to become the ‘founding father of modern art’.

Matisse’s use of colour was extraordinary and his line work exceptional. His fine art had never been attempted before in the history of fine art.

The painting below caused great upheavel during the early 1900′s.

People were revolted by the weird colours and ugly distortion in ‘The Joy of Life”. The public were used to seeing more traditional and realistic scenes in paintings.

People didn’t need an imagination to appreciate an artists work in the olden days. It was a huge risk for Matisse. To step out from the mainstream comfort zone and receive the hostile abuse from common man.

But today, artists benefit in a myriad of ways from the influence of Matisse’s unique imagination.

The Joy of Life by Henri Matisse 1905 Oil on Canvas 175x241cm Creative Risks: The fine art of risk taking

‘The Joy of Life’ by Henri Matisse (1905) Oil on Canvas 175 x 241cm The Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania, USA

I certainly don’t want to get to the end of my life and think, “I should have taken more risks and done what I love.”

Whilst we’re alive, there’s still an opportunity to take those important risks

So I encourage you to take whatever risk is necessary to experience total fulfilment in life

Final Point: Taking risks is essential to living a creative life full of excitement, curiosity and wonder

Do what you love

But prepare yourself. You will be guaranteed to meet two teachers along the path. Success and Failure

Take the risk

It’s worth the journey

Here’s what I predict will happen…

You will fall in love again

© Copyright Simon Brushfield – Creative Risks: Fine art of risk taking

Art is Love ‘ by Simon Brushfield Oil, Acrylic & mixed media on paper 15cm x 10cm. Twittter Art Exhibition , , Los Angeles, America

Andy Warhol’s secret to selling paintings for $37million

The creative spirit is uncontrollable.

And mysterious.

Andy Warhol had an unpredictable creative spirit.

Warhol self portrait 1022x1024 Andy Warhols secret to selling paintings for $37million

Andy Warhol. Self-Portrait. 1986. Mugrabi Collection. ©2010 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso were both mysterious, and amazingly powerful creative artists.

When ask by a journalist about his intriguing personality Warhol simply replied,

“I’d like to be a machine, wouldn’t you?”

Ironically, both Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso were brilliant at controlling the media and their own creative universe.

Their unique creative power gave followers security and enabled them to sell original art for incredible prices.

Through out the history of mankind outspoken passionate artists have led and challenged society, with their mysterious ways.

Point 1. Andy Warhol realized it pays extremely well to create an element of mystery around your original art.

Powerful creative visionaries like Picasso and Warhol challenged society by their indomitable creative strength. Their creative spirit sought freedom and refused to be controlled.

Wisdom painting by Simon Brushfield Andy Warhols secret to selling paintings for $37million

‘Wise Old Man’ (1998) by Simon Brushfield. Charcoal & Acrylic on Card 50cm x 35cm Unframed

Andy Warhol was a man of powerful creative vision.

Strong willed and mysterious. He was a very competent businessman adept at brand building and social media networking for his time.

Andy Warhol’s contemporary art created great excitement and incredible media attention.

People didn’t understand him. But they desperately tried.

Point 2: Andy Warhol manufactured a personality and style of art that promoted the mysterious. He was a master at creating intrigue.

Warhol was different. People tried to corner him, but failed every time.

His paintings of celebrities were insightful and propelled him to high status.

andy warhol painting of Elvis Andy Warhols secret to selling paintings for $37million

‘Double Elvis [Ferus Type]‘ by Andy Warhol (1963) Silkscreen

An uncontrollable nature pays handsomely.

The silkscreen painting above was sold in May 2012 for $37 million.

Warhol’s artwork and physical presence at events created electricity.

The mysterious nature of creativity produced unprecedented success for Andy Warhol.

So what makes some visionary figures so incredibly powerful?

Final Point: Behind the glamorous high profile worldly image, Andy enjoyed a devoted and extremely private spiritual life.

Warhol grew up a faithful Catholic. He maintained a strong commitment to Jesus Christ which gave him wisdom, strength and personal inspiration.

His faith most certainly helped Andy keep important balance in the high profile glamorous world of pop art.

Very few people knew this about Andy.

© Copyright Simon Brushfield – Andy Warhols secret to selling paintings

Original Art: Advantages original paintings give a business

This post highlights the importance of original art hanging on the walls of businesses.

In fact, beautiful can uplift the environment or culture of any corporate organisation.

Blue Abstract painting by Simon Brushfield Original Art: Advantages original paintings give a business

Acrylic and Oil on board. An abstract painting created by Simon Brushfield featured in Dr Peter Callans surgery

Doctor Peter Callan is a leading plastic surgeon in Australia and an avid art collector. His walls are adorned with attractive original paintings in his offices. Like a renaissance artist, the business of a plastic surgeon is all about beauty. For a cosmetic surgery focussed upon beauty, original art hanging on the walls compliments the character and appeal of the workplace.

Advantage 1: Tasteful original art helps establish the tone and culture of a workplace.

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Dr Peter’s extensive experience in the medical field has led him to feature in many articles in the famous magazine Vogue, a beauty style guide for women. He recently purchased much original art , created by Simon Brushfield , for his new Australian surgery. Like an artist, Dr Peter believes that beauty is about achieving a sense of balance and harmony for people.

Advantage 2: When a business or workplace creates a sense of visual balance and harmony it promotes creativity & optimum productivity.

Much like an artist creating original paintings, people through-out the history of mankind want their own appearance to look beautiful.

Artists and plastic surgeons have similar goals in striving to create beauty for their customers.

For example, a person might be distressed about an aspect of their appearance making them feel ugly. In these situations, Dr Callan’s creativity as a highly skilled plastic surgeon, can seamlessly correct any natural or accidental blemishes. Restoring a sense of harmony, balance and well being to the individual.

He states in Vogue magazine Australia, “Top plastic surgeons are all about restoring the natural beauty of a person”

Advantage 3: Original art placed thoughtfully in the workplace, can emphasise the natural beauty of a building.

Furthermore, the former Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons president, Dr Peter Callan, believes original paintings on the wall are important for his surgery because it creates curiosity and interest in his offices.

Customers in the waiting room can pass the time pleasurably. Dr Callan is a lover of beauty in people, art and architecture.

Advantage 4: Quality original art is very impressive to customers, when entering a business, school or corporate organisation.

In the video below, Xavier College principal Mr Chris Hayes also believes in the important role original art plays for his impressive traditional organisation. A high profile college in Melbourne Australia.

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Dr Callan and Mr Chris Hayes both acknowledge that original paintings displayed in their respective organisations, receives many positive comments, creating interest for both staff and customers alike. In both examples above, the professional workplace is adorned in original Australian art from some of the countries most popular artists.

Advantage 5: Original art plays an important role in promoting the high quality professional appearance of a business or corporate organisation.

Dr Callan has created a truly unique and professional surgery. Whilst Xavier College has a long standing tradition of professional excellence in Australia.

High quality original art can truly improve the character and professionalism of a corporate organisation. If you need advice on purchasing original art for your business, send me a message, or leave a message in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you.