Australian Academy Group Exhibition featuring ‘Happy Couple’ and ‘Lighthouse’ abstract paintings

Clement Meadmore Gallery at the Academy in Melbourne, Australia

I’m currrently showing some work in a group exhibition at the Australian Academy of Design in Melbourne Australia. This painting below is called “Happy Couple” and it’s about lovers integrating their unique and sometimes fractured personalities successfully together.

Happy Couple painting Australian Academy of Design

‘Happy Couple’ by Simon Brushfield Oil & Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 90cm painting exhibited at the Australian Academy of Design group exhibition

Another piece of my artwork on show in a group exhibition at the Australian Academy in Melbourne Australia. I love lighthouses. They shine light in the dark and help people navigate. At the bottom of the painting, is the lighthouse keepers site residence where, in days gone by, he would permanently live.

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse painting_Australian Academy of Design

‘Aireys Inlet Lighthouse’ by Simon Brushfield Charcoal, Oil & Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 60cm exhibited at the Australian Academy of Design group exhibition

Charles Blackman, Art Series Hotels: Melbourne exhibits Famous Australian Art

The Art Series group of hotels was the brilliant idea of William Deague. He established a collection of independent hotels in Melbourne and named them after famous Australian Painters. The hotels are luxurious 5 star and themed according to their particular artist.

For example, the Blackman Hotel on 452 St Kilda Road has a contemporary, boutique interior devoted to the popular artist Charles Blackman. The hotel is very close the central CBD of Melbourne and is a great inspiration to visitors, with the artistic theme running through-out the most intricate of details in the hotel.

Charles Blackman was born in Sydney in 1928 and created a large and spectacular series of paintings inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice in Wonderland. His work is romantic at heart and describes a poetic highly sensitive world of affectionate imagery. Blackman states,

“I am a romantic painter, (but not sweet) – oh no. That’s wrong. Dreams are what you’re made of, and very often nightmares, too. A dream is quintessentially a reality when it is fulfilled.

‘The Game of Chess’ (1956) by Charles Blackman. Sold for $720,000 Bonhams & Goodman (Melbourne).

For more information, check out the Art Series Hotels website or give them a call to organise a booking on the reservations number: 1800 278 468. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

One visitor writes on, “Our stay at Art-series The Blackman in Melbourne over Christmas was an extremely positive experience. It is a hotel with that extra touch of quality, good taste and personal service besides very good comfort, which really makes you enjoy your stay. The neat artistic design in details and the access to interesting books in the rooms are something we certainly will remember and which are rare in our experience.”


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