Original Art: Advantages original paintings give a business

This post highlights the importance of original art hanging on the walls of businesses.

In fact, beautiful original art can uplift the environment or culture of any corporate organisation.

Blue Abstract painting by Simon Brushfield Original Art: Advantages original paintings give a business

Acrylic and Oil on board. An abstract painting created by Simon Brushfield featured in Dr Peter Callans surgery

Doctor Peter Callan is a leading plastic surgeon in Australia and an avid art collector. His walls are adorned with attractive original art in his offices. Like a renaissance artist, the business of a plastic surgeon is all about beauty. For a cosmetic surgery focussed upon beauty, original art hanging on the walls compliments the character and appeal of the workplace.

Advantage 1: Tasteful original art helps establish the tone and culture of a workplace.

Dr Peter’s extensive experience in the medical field has led him to feature in many articles in the famous magazine Vogue, a beauty style guide for women. He recently purchased much original art , created by Simon Brushfield , for his new Australian surgery. Like an artist, Dr Peter believes that beauty is about achieving a sense of balance and harmony for people.

Advantage 2: When a business or workplace creates a sense of visual balance and harmony it promotes creativity & optimum productivity.

Much like an artist creating a piece of art, people through-out the history of mankind want their own appearance to look beautiful.

Artists and plastic surgeons have similar goals in striving to create beauty for their customers.

For example, a person might be distressed about an aspect of their appearance making them feel ugly. In these situations, Dr Callan’s creativity as a highly skilled plastic surgeon, can seamlessly correct any natural or accidental blemishes. Restoring a sense of harmony, balance and well being to the individual.

He states in Vogue magazine Australia, “Top plastic surgeons are all about restoring the natural beauty of a person”

Advantage 3: Original art placed thoughtfully in the workplace, can emphasise the natural beauty of a building.

Furthermore, the former Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons president, Dr Peter Callan, believes original art on the wall is important for his surgery because it creates curiosity and interest in his offices.

Customers in the waiting room can pass the time pleasurably. Dr Callan is a lover of beauty in people, art and architecture.

Advantage 4: Quality original art is very impressive to customers, when entering a business, school or corporate organisation.

In the video below, Xavier College principal Mr Chris Hayes also believes in the important role original art plays for his impressive traditional organisation. A high profile college in Melbourne Australia.

Dr Callan and Mr Chris Hayes both acknowledge that original artwork displayed in their respective organisations, receives many positive comments, creating interest for both staff and customers alike. In both examples above, the professional workplace is adorned in original Australian art from some of the countries most popular artists.

Advantage 5: Original art plays an important role in promoting the high quality professional appearance of a business or corporate organisation.

Dr Callan has created a truly unique and professional surgery. Whilst Xavier College has a long standing tradition of professional excellence in Australia.

High quality original art can truly improve the character and professionalism of a corporate organisation. If you need advice on purchasing original art for your business, send me a message, or leave a message in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you.